Nobones Progress

Hi ,

Just to let you know that Ellie (Nobones) has had her surgery and that it went well.:hug:

I had an email from her lovely hubby Mike and he said that when he left her last night she was having a cup of tea.

I am glad that it went ok and thought i would use this thread to keep you updated .


Thanks for the update Rita! :cheering:


Thanks for the update – please send my best wishes for a speedy recovery to Ellie.


I will pass on pass on everyones best wishes .

Thank you :slight_smile:


That’s good news. I hope she’s home soon and heals up soon!

send her my thoughts :hug::heart:

Thanks for the update and give her my best wishes for a speedy recovery! :hug:

Best Wishes, Ellie!
Thanks, Rita, for letting us know! :hug:

Send my love and hope for a fast recovery to her, hope she’s doing ok :grphug:

Give her a big hug :hug: and i’m sending lots of :heart:!

Hi all,

Elli is doing very well. She has some pain and discomfort but that is to be expected.

Her hubby says that hospital food is horrible, so he has been taking some home made meals to her.

It would not be a stay in hospital if we did not moan about the food. lol

If Elli behaves herself , the nurses may let her on the computer for 15 minutes tonight. So lets hope she is a good girl.

Rita :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for posting the update; I’ve been worried about her. Please tell her we said a prayer in synagogue yesterday for her recovery.

So glad you’re doing well, Nobones!!!:muah::muah::muah:

Jeremy , I will surely pass on that message .

Thank you . That is such a lovely thing to do.


I’m glad she is doing well! Praying for her speedy recovery here also. :slight_smile:

thank you rita for the update. I hope for a speedy smooth healing and comfy recovery for nobones. :hug::heart:

thanks for the update im so glad shes doing well.:hug:4 ellie

thanks for the update, Rita - I had been wondering how she was. I hope she’s discharged soon, and can spend the rest of her recovery time in the comfort of her own home.

sending her hugs and a speedy recovery :hug:

I didn’t know! (would someone send me a personal message letting me know what happened?) Speedy recovery yes! :heart::heart::heart: to you Ellie!