NoBones in Knitter's Magazine!

I was at the B & N looking at the magazines and liked the patterns in the British Knitters and picked it up.

I was looking through the articles last night and who should I see a published letter and picture from, but NoBones, my very first swap partner! She has a lovely picture in there of her in a knitted dressing gown that is quite an accomplishment! Way to go Ellie!

Wow, Congrats Nobones. That’s too cool!


Awww! Cool! Congrats!! Wish we could see it!! :slight_smile:

I can see about scanning it in at work on Tuesday.

Becca, that’s so sweet! Thanks!

Cool. If I ever appear in a knitting mag it’ll be as a horrible example. :rofl:

Congratulations Nobones! How exciting!

How COOL!!!

:thumbsup: Way to go Ellie!!! :thumbsup: Karen

I saw that too! My first reaction was hey she’s a KHer!!

Way to go Nobones!!:balloons:

Ohhh! Thanks for telling me, I do get around don’t I!

Congratulations! That’s cool!

Hi Nobones
I have a subscription to Knitting Magazine and saw the article.
Fabulous dressing gown xx

Well done my friend. You deserve it. That gown is an outstanding piece of work.

Are you famous now lol :slight_smile:

Congrats Ellie!! :cheering:

Thats awesome!! :muah:

Very cool NoBones! :cheering:
I especially love the color.

That’s amazing! I can’t wait to see it!

Congratulations! Way to go!

:cheering: yahoooo, way to go!