No v when knitting

When knitting I don’t get the v when knitting and can’t figure out why it’s not forming.

Exactly what do you mean? Do you mean your stitches are not making / a vee stitch when doing stockinette? Or do you mean you are not getting the vee stitch when trying to do stockinette? If it is the first one sometimes the twist of the yarn won’t make a perfect vee it will look more like one side of the stitch is straight while the other side slants. If it is the second one then what you need to do is knit one row then purl one row this will give you stockinette stitch where one side is smooth with vee stitches and the other side has the purl bumps. If I am way off base here maybe you could post a picture so we will know what exactly is happening with your stitches.

When doing the stockinette stich it does not form the v stitch.

Pic of my stitches. I am knitting a sock using dpns.

Pic of what my knitted stitches looks like

I suspect is the way the yarn is plied.

I get this look when I use certain yarns. The first time it happened I thought I was doing something odd, but I liked the look of it, so just kept going.

Are you sure you’re going around the needles the right way for the way you’re knitting? Twisted stitches can look like this (and may look really nice if it’s what you want.)
I knit Continental-combined and don’t wrap the yarn the way most people do. My stitches looked like that, inadvertently, for many years until I figured it out.

Are you left handed? I’ve seen this when left handed knitters are maybe going into the wrong part of the stitch… a close friend of mine knits this way, it looks awesome, and as a right hander myself, I can’t figure out why hers looks different than mine, she either twists her yarn differently or goes into he stitches differently… yours looks consistent and I think quite beautiful…

The Z-twist in the yarn (see Jan’s post #6) and deliberately twisted sts can give a similar look. If you examine the point of the V you can tell the difference. In the case of the twisted sts you can see where one strand of the V overlaps the other. This doesn’t happen with the Z-twist yarn.

Here’s how to do a twisted k or p stitch which makes a nice decorative stitch and tightens up ribbing.

That was a great article you linked us to, Jan! Thanks! And I do believe you’re absolutely correct. It’s the way her yarn is plied.

The issue she’s seeing has been my experience with certain yarns as well. I instantly recognized something I’d seen in my own knitting! There’s nothing to be done about it. She’s not doing anything wrong, and neither is the yarn.

It makes counting stitches widthwise very challenging! You think you’re seeing things! Have to use pins to mark every 5 or ten stitches across if you’re counting large numbers!

I’ve bookmarked that Knitty article! :thumbsup: