No twist double knitting edge

Just found out about this. Love it!


Neat. So this makes that nice slip stitch edge for something flat like a scarf? What does the edge normally look like?

Here are the two I did the twist way, which is all I knew of. You see the two colours twisted on the ends.
I am making the xmas leaping stag kind of hot pad, but if I make the candle and the tree ones as well, they may be like a table piece. They will look nicer this new way.

Oh I see! Yes, the new way is a neat looker. Those look great though!

I like this way of turning! It’s a neat improvement.

Thank you for the information!
:heart_eyes:I will be frogging current double knitting project to attempt this neater edge.

You are very welcome. Just passing along what I just learned. Good luck!! Don’t forget to post a picture. .)