No Time To Knit

This is my busy time of year and I haven’t had a spare moment to knit since before the beginning of July. I’m getting seriously stressed from it. I think I will start some small Christmas projects I can easily do in a few hours (I may get some, you never know) just to satisfy my knitting jones.

I have found that knitting or doing cross-stitch is so important to my mental well being that I make time for it. I get up early and listen to the radio for an hour while I knit/stitch. It makes the rest of the day go so much better if I can get that time in.

Yes I get tense and ‘itchy’ if I do not knit. Even a few rows helps. Can you knit while someone else drives? Bring your knitting with you in case you find yourself waiting somewhere.

Keep the faith - this too will pass!


I just received my Christmas requests from my children and grandchildren, so have a ton of projects in queue. However, I also recently re-enrolled to go back to school (WHY?! at the age of 50, am I even considering this?!) So, I fear I may have over promised, and don’t want to under deliver. I must now knit like a mad fiend to complete this in time!