No time for knitting

I am unhappy… I mean, like deeply, soul-troubled unhappy.

Why? Well, because the semester is in full swing and i have ZERO time to knit. I spend all day dealing with students and then grading horrifically-written lab reports at night…

My needles are wilting… My bag is collecting dust… My hand muscles are atrophying (except for the hand i scribble all over their reports with!)… My eyes are turning green with envy at all the beautiful projects that are posted here… A monster is being created…

So many projects are backing up and xmas is just around the corner… gasp.

How i long for the days of summer when i could just sit back in the evening and knit without a care…

We’re at midterms now… hopefully it’ll seem like a short coast to exams…

I need a knitting “fix”… I need some good hedgehog time… sheesh! (and students think THEY have it hard! Pfffft!!). I think i’ll give them a pop quiz tomorrow - misery loves company! :wink:


:frowning: I feel so bad for you…hope you are able to get in some knitting time soon…

Maybe you can incorporate knitting into your curriculum, eh? :XX:

Aw, I’m so sorry.

It would be great if there was a program/curriculum in schools that taught kids how to knit! :happydance: :cheering:

hedgehog, I feel your pain.

I have been working 60-70 hrs a week and have no time to knit except for a few rows b4 bed… makes me sad, because I love my yarn time … usually, Angel (my cat) will curl up next to me or around my neck (oof) as I knit til we get sleepy. Not lately.

Now I’ve forgotten just how many WIPs I have… gotta hit the stash and WIP basket this weekend and recharge my knitting batteries.


I feel your pain. I’m a grad student and a mama and low wage worker. But I knit during lectures, on the bus, while my son takes a bath, when ever I can sneak it in. I always take a small project with me. Ya never know when you’ll be standing in line at the grocery store or you’re in a waiting room or a long train is going by. If there is still no time for you, I would advise you to at least keep a small ball and needles in you bag as a talisman. Even if you don’t knit, you know it’s there and you could if you ahd time. :XX: :XX: :XX: :XX:

I feel for ya Hedge…

Since like August… I’ve been so busy I’ve not been able to do anything… it kinda sucks… there are a few projects I need to get done… :frowning:

Lots of us have trouble fitting in time to knit… you are so not alone… we feel your pain.


Bummer! Any chance you can take a bus to school to sneak in some knit time? Or maybe you could just give up sleeping???

Gave up sleeping last night to finish a paper. Not advisable. Took a French test today, have no idea how I did. Reasonably sure My answers were in French. Not typing full sentences, haven’t slept yet. DH in Potsdam so girls are my responsibility tonight. 16yo will let me walk over to the knitting group at LYS cause she wants an answer to her knee sock question. Exhausted but going to knit for an hour anyway. Miss it more than I ever thought I could. :rollseyes: Going to add to the stash to make mysekf feel better. Good thing I don’t have to drive to LYS. Have to remember to take a flashlight for walk home. Later dudes, gonna go get a fix.

Okay! I’m awake! Just had SEx. Feeling flushed, adrenaline’s pumping. I bought a skein of neon green Encore for a Hallowig for DD. (It might be finished by Halloween 2006.) And I bought Galler Yarns Flore II, 75% mohair/15% wool/10% nylon, for which I have no real plan other than the vague notion to make a scarf. It’s a lovely mauve color. I’m going to pack it carefully in the treasure chest and pull it out once in awhile and pet it like a tribble! :lol: I’ve never used mohair before, but I’m sure this is love! :heart:

Yay! Amazing how some good SEx can make everything seem better :slight_smile:

:roflhard: Ladies and Gentlemen… Start your engines!!!

[size=2]I can’t wait to see what KK’s gonna have to say about this one… but I’m sure boobs will be worked in there somewhere.[/size] :roflhard:

:roflhard: :roflhard: yes, they surely will!

Awww… thanks everyone for your replies…

I knew you guys would understand my frustration!! :slight_smile:

I went out and bought a small bag for keeping my knitting in my car with me at all times. I’m currently working on a scarf so that is feasible.

I wish i could find time at work. Seeing as i teach Molecular Biology, i should have them all doing this darn DNA scarf with me! Although this pattern is currently giving me FITS!! :frog: I worked really hard to clear my schedule so i’d have a full day for knitting yesterday and it went HORRIBLY wrong :crying: (click here for update)

ARGH! Oh well, perhaps next weekend will be better - I have a four day weekend (fall break/midterms) and my friend that i taught to knit in August is coming to visit! I’m looking into organizing a girly weekend in the mountains, perhaps at a spa, with lots of knitting and time spent among the leaves turning color… Can’t wait!



I’m at exactly the other side of this problem. I’m a student, and I’ve been spending so much time lately writing awful lab reports that I don’t have time to knit either!

Let’s make a deal - you give us less work, and then you’ll have less to grade! Knitting time for all!

Are there any tv shows you watch? There’s one I watch and so that gives me a hour’s worth of guilt-free knitting a week. It’s not much, but it’s really relaxing.

LOL!! :smiley: good idea! I wish! But i want to produce the BEST batch of new scientists i possibly can… what a martyr, eh?? LOL! :roflhard:

Are there any tv shows you watch? There’s one I watch and so that gives me a hour’s worth of guilt-free knitting a week. It’s not much, but it’s really relaxing.

Actually, i don’t watch much tv but i am a sucker for Law and Order (thank goodness there is always an episode on SOMEWHERE!). I think i should set aside at least one hour every few days for some SVU and knitting :slight_smile:


What do you teach?

I’m a junior year chem major, so I’m stuck in all the awful required-for-the-major we-only-ofter-these-because-we-hate-you classes. P-chem and instumental analysis.

Ewww… P-chem… :shock: :help: I certainly feel for you!! Icky class.

I teach Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics/Genomics/Proteomics to senior-level undergrads and graduate students. My students are doing a semester-long project in lab which requires them to write-up lab reports that span several weeks’ experiments. Usually the reports are AWFUL but they learn as they go, which is how it should be. However, for me it means a lot of hours in the evening reading some truly abysmal reports - and no knitting!! sigh

I :heart: what i teach but the students don’t! :roflhard:

Best of luck with your studies - any plans for post-graduate studies?


The p-chem actually isn’t that bad. I’m a math-chem double major and this semester (p-chem is a year-long class) is quantum mechanics, so it’s all math. And I can do the math, even if I don’t really get the concepts. Instrumental is really awful though, mostly because of all the lab reports.

I’m probably going to go to grad school for organic chemistry. Though I still need for figure a lot of that stuff out. Good thing I’ve still got another year!