No Sheep for You book

I’ve been wanting this book for awhile so we went to Barnes and Noble tonite and they didn’t have it. Not only that they said the publisher didn’t have anymore. :noway: I looked on Amazon because I had it on my wish list and it doesn’t have more either. :scratchinghead: I just ordered it from Knitpicks because they have a 40% off sale on books. Keeping fingers crossed they’ll still have it, too.

Just a heads up in case you want it. :shrug:

wow! amy knits…erm…writes a mean book, eh? :wink:

I don’t know about mean, but certainly popular. :teehee:

wow, that seems so weird. it just came out earlier this year, didn’t it? another case of underestimating the power of knitters?

(I just got mine from B&N a few weeks ago, and they had several copies still)

Interweave is still selling it on their website…

Thanks for the heads up- My LYS is having her 25% off yearly sale today so I think I’ll go pick it up.

I wonder if this printing is just sold out, and they will reprint it soon? I can’t imagine it being discontinued, as it is a fairly popular knitting book.:??

I’m so glad I already have the book. They way it looks now, it won’t be sold in the netherlands soon.

I saw that and almost ordered there till I saw the price at KP. I got it for about $10 less including shipping.

For anyone desperate, E-bay several listed in the “buy it now” priced from $15.00 to $22.50.

Just bought one myself at KP…I’m really looking forward to reading it, as I don’t prefer knitting with wool, so I expect to learn a lot!


This is the first “fiber” book I bought…I read it through once, and have gone back and re-read the fiber info sections again. Still absorbing all that info and will need to read it again in a while to really “plant” the info:??. I don’t always want to knit in wool, but am having the darndest time getting my head around substituting yarns and the advantages/disadvantages of the substitues :shock:

Great book - love the geeky thang! (once you’ve read it you’ll understand) :rofling:

I have a Meg Swansen Fair Isle Sweater DVD and she says in it that, in general, knitting books go out of print fairly quickly, so if there is one that you want, you should snap it up.

Yeah! It shipped! Still in Ohio, but on it’s way! :cheering:

I so hope KnitPicks has a good supply of them, too…I got up to let the dog out early in the a.m. and checked my email, saw the sale and automatically ordered it…we’ll find out Monday!!!

Check out . It is a division of Ebay and I get most of my graduate program books there. MUCH cheaper than most bookstores, even when buying used and you can get almost anything you want.

Shoot Lynn! They have 3 books I’ve wanted for ages but I don’t have any $$$$$$ at present.

The one you got, that’s a great book!
Nora Gaughans Knitting from Nature is super
and Nancy Bush Vintage Socks

hope that sale last a while!