No Sheep for You and more!

I have for trade:

No Sheep for You [COLOR=red]TRADED[/COLOR]
Weekend Knitting (hardcover)
24 Hour Knitting
Family Knits-Debbie Bliss (Hardcover)
Easy Knitted Socks
Twisted Sisters Sock Book [COLOR=red]TRADED[/COLOR]

Interweave Knits:
Spring 2003
Fall 2003
Fall 2006 [COLOR=red]TRADED[/COLOR]
Winter 2006 [COLOR=red]TRADED[/COLOR]
Spring 2007
Summer 2007
Special Felt edition
Vogue 25th Aniversary Edition [COLOR=red]TRADED[/COLOR]

what I’m looking for:
other back issues of different knit mags
sock yarn
DPN’s all sizes
any sock books esp. the Sensational ones :slight_smile:
or make a suggestion :slight_smile:

Hi, I’d be interested in the Interweave Knits Mag for Winter 2006. I’ve got a several magazines I could offer for trade. I’ll private message you. :hug:

added another book :wink:

I’d be interested in trading sock yarn for Weekend Knitting!

what kind do you have to offer??? (YAY for sock yarn )!

oooohhhhh I love your Etsy yarn…yummy!!! I esp. like the September, and te Halloween!

I am interested in the Twisted Sisters book.

I have to look and see what I have to offer that you might be interested in.

everything still available :slight_smile: