No Sew Felted Bag

I would love to be able to do this but either I’m tired or its not sinking in.

Can someone please translate this into plain english. :flirt: :roflhard:

What part exactly are you having trouble with?

the cast on bit of it.

The way I read it, you’ll take some waste yarn and cast on 60 stitches this way
Then you take the 2 main colors double stranded. Cast on this way (look for the knitting on video) 20 stitches in front (or back) of the waste yarn. Once that’s cast on, then pick up 60 stitches from your crocheted-on chain, then on the OTHER side of that, do another 20 knit on stitches. You’ll end up with - 20 cast on with main colors; 60 with waste color/main color picked up on that; then 20 with main colors again.

I’m not sure I’ve made any more sense than the pattern, but maybe you can figure it out from here!

I looked at the pattern, too and it looks terribly confusing to me as well. Wonder why… but I like to knit from the bottom up anyway. One of the days, I’m gonna have to break down and learn the provisional cast on…

That sounds interesting; can’t translate yet, but would love to see a picture! :slight_smile:

Is there a picture of this bag anywhere? It sounds like something I’m interested in making, but I’m so visually oriented, I’d rather see it before casting on!

The picture is on ravelry. Now that the patter has been changed it’s more easier to understand.

Actually, I just got back from Ravelry…I can’t believe I don’t go there automatically for these things. It’s amazingly fast to scroll through all the pictures, rather than most sites where you have to click on a million links to see if it’s what you want!

Thanks! (BTW, it isn’t what I was looking for, but I really like it. Might give it a go anyway.