No-seam stockinette sweater?

I’m looking for a stockinette sweater knit in the round. I suppose I could design one myself, but since I’ve never knit a sweater, I’m a bit hesitant.

I know myself well enough to know that I’m not likely to ever stitch together the pieces of a sweater, so I need to be able to stitch it more or less in one piece. For that same reason, I’d prefer sleeves that are picked up and stitched in the round as well.

Anyone know where I can find a pattern like this? I’d prefer not to have to buy a book for a single pattern.

ETA - this can be either a child’s pattern or an adult’s, I don’t care which.

I direct you to the late Elizabeth Zimmerman. You will have to buy a book or purchase an individual pattern from School House Press…they have a web site. She promoted the Seamless sweater that you custom size based on a percentage system. She never claims to actually invent circular seamless sweaters, rather to “unvent” them and rediscover techniques. Knitting Without Tears is her first book and a good place to begin. But The Knitting Workshop gives many examples of seamless sweaters with different yoke finishings. I have heard that the book The Sweater workshop is also based on EZ’s ideas and a very good resource for this sort of sweater. If money is an issue check your library or maybe you could find the books used somewhere. Individual patterns at School House Press are not expensive. Using any of these resources you could make a basic stockingnette seamless sweater…and many other beautiful not so basic seamless sweaters as well.

There are some top down sweater pattern generators at and that will spit out a pattern based on your size and gauge. You can do the sleeves without seams too.

I love these patterns and they have them for everyone!

There’s also a book “Knitting Cuff to Cuff” and it’s all in one piece. The cool thing about it too is that it turns your rows so that they go vertical vs. horizontal.

I just got a book called Knitting Sweaters from the Top Down by Cathy Carron. It has several nice patterns as well as a guide on how to make your own patterns.