No room for knitting

Hi, I want to introduce my life. It is pretty hard, every expects a lot out of me since I am very smart and reallly advanced in school. They put a LOT on my plate, but I never can knitt! I always wished I could, but then I look at my list of stuff to do… Finally, after ten years of restless wondering, I pick up neddles, hop on the computer, and just start knitting! Even though, I still love it, I barely have the time to knitt…

Rosegirl147 :knitting:

Do you want this to be a blog? If it’s supposed to be an introduction it should be in the General Forum and I can move it for you.

Sure! Thanks, I didn’t know what place to put this info at, so thankyou!

Rosegirl147 :knitting:

Can you clarify? Do you want it here as a blog thread or in the general forum so more people will see it. This forum is very quiet.

I would like to have it in general talking plx. I noticed the quietness in the blog… :teehee: … Anyway, I [I]would[/I] greatly like to have it in the general talking.

Rosegirl147 :knitting:

Make room for knitting if you want to do it.
I work really hard and a lot. 15 hours at the office are not rare. More happens several times a week, too.
One would think there is no time for knitting. But I am less stressed and more balanced, enjoy life more and feel more accomplished when having something to do while not at work. 1st of january this year I started up again (I originally started 30 years ago and have had busy and quiet times with knitting)… It REALLY makes a difference in my life.

So: If you really want to knit: DO IT. be happy, be proud, don’t put stress on yourself and you will see that the structures, knitting puts in your brain will over all help your life and make you complete other tasks in good time.

Enjoy your hobby and make nice stuff!

Hi, Rose! :waving:

Please tell us more about you and your activities. First of all, most of the knitters here love to encourage new knitters and share their expertise and advice.

BUT, no one wants to encourage you to drop out other vital elements of your life and activities. We’d just like to help you schedule in some creative knitting time that you can enjoy without stress.

So, what grade are you in at school? What are your favorite subjects? Do you have many extra-curricular activities? Things like this would be very helpful for us to know, as well as anything else you’d like to share.

Good luck and Happy Knitting! :knitting: