No reliable sock books

I give up. Am looking on Amazon for beginner sock knitting books, and all the reviews so far, say the patterns have MISSING information, or are incorrect, or too hard for beginners.

is there a sock pattern or book for beginners that is reliable?

I’m confused about this pattern I’m following in Lion Brand book called Just Socks, or something like that. I’m wondering if the pattern is wrong. How can someone publish a WRONG knitting pattern in a BOOK???

I love Sensational Knitted Socks and More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I did one pair of socks from an online tutorial and after that I’ve only used these books. Love them dearly!!! Check with the library. I borrowed mine from them then bought my own copy cause they are so good.

Silver’s tutorial isn’t working out for you?

I have Sensational Knitted Socks and Getting Started Knitting Socks.You might see what your library has before you buy.

[COLOR=magenta]One of the best books that I have ever bought for sock knitting and would never do with out, is by Ann Budd[/COLOR]

[B][SIZE=3]The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns: Basic Designs in Multiple Sizes & Gauges [/SIZE][/B]

[COLOR=magenta]Here is the link to it on Amazon[/COLOR]

[COLOR=magenta]I still use it all the time and I am a sock knitting veteran[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]I hope this helps you[/COLOR]

I just got Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy from the library. I have only just flipped through it, but it appears that the instructions are spelled out in a fair amount of detail.

Cat Bordhi’s books are excellant. And, they who write that in a review may be posting that the books aren’t right when it’s actually the way they (mis) interpret what is written.

You can e-mail just about any publisher and ask if there is an errata page for a book, before you start a pattern.

I’ll put another vote in for Sensational Knitted Socks. I just recently
got it and have found to be a very useful book!

Libbie :slight_smile:

I just got Sensational Knitted Socks out of my local library and like it so much I’m going to buy a copy. I especially like it because there are instructions for making socks on 2 circs which is my preferred method of sock knitting these days.

Kelley Petkun gave Getting Started Knitting Socks a great review for teaching sock knitting and it seems to have good reviews on Amazon.

working out so far, but, I want to have a book on hand for more socks

OH! I didn’t know that! Thanks!

And, they’ll admit the mistakes?:wink:

which online tutorial?

It was this tutorial. I chose this one because I wanted to learn how to do 2 socks at the same time (I knew I’d have second sock syndrome).

Yep, some knitting books even have their errata posted online.

Also, if your local library doesn’t have a copy of the books that you want…ASK. They will often either get it on loan from another library or order a new copy to add to their collection.

Yes, I very much like [I]Sensational Knitted Socks[/I]. That’s how I learned to do socks. However, there are many errors. Check out:

I printed it out and put it in my book.

It’s disturbing how many errors there are in patterns. Before doing a new project now, I always check on the internet for errata.

I’m still quite new at socks, but I’ve learned that I don’t like after and before thought heels. Such a hassle. My next pair, I want to try a short-row type heel. Even if it is in a different color as the main sock. Instructions are in the SKS book. Not listed in the contents list, but it’s on page 41.

Hope you find a book you like and have fun!

YOW! That’s something unusual! I know it’s a recently new technique, but, I will stick with the dpns for now.

I am going thru silvers sock tutorial. and posting pictures. So far, ok.
This page of errors makes so much sense!! Maybe knitters aren’t having a hard time learning, maybe the proofreaders don’t know what they’re proofing. So, we think WE are the ones making the mistake, when, in fact, it’s them.
New knitters, like me, wouldn’t know the difference btwn a printed mistake and a trustworthy instruction, we would just try doing what we read, and then wonder why it isn’t working.

photolady -

Yup!! On some things a new knitter just can’t read the fabric and figure it out. Socks would be a big one of those things. :shrug: