No real bad knitting styles

I think there are great knitters who use various styles and they get a lot accomplished. When making help videos, unless one has seen all that is out there, it does not mean that a knitting style is inherently lame. People knit on account “mom” or “grandma” taught me, and if they have passed away, it makes the knitter still feel “connected” so they know a bit of tradition to share how “we always knit”.

As it is I take my knitting with me wherever I know I have to sit and wait a bit: restaurants, doctor’s appointments, I’ve even knit in movie theaters LOL, my husband tells me, “leave your knitting in the car!!!”

At the doctor’s office, one woman kept watching me knit, and I could feel I was being watched so we kept locking eyes as I looked up and she did not have a happy face. “Are you a knitter too?” I asked, “Yes, but you are knitting all wrong.” "So I asked what style of knitting she did, didn’t have a name for it. Wasn’t sure which hand she held the yarn in. So I proceeded to change from English to Continental to knitting backwards in both and then in Combined. Never found the style she knit in, perhaps it is Portuguese which I did not know at the time, or Australian in which they hold the right needle like a pencil. So she asked if I was a knitting teacher, which I said “no”, “then why learn all those other styles?” I enjoy learning the history of the craft which means finding out how stitches are made I find interesting. (And how knitting can help keep Arthritis at bay – I’ve needed help in that department.)

“Good vs. bad” tends to be “if you knit like I do.” I’ve also tried Continental Combined knitting, and learned to pay attention to stitch mount as I really never paid that much attention before. The Eastern mounted stitch has the leading leg in back vs. the Western mounted which has the leading leg in front. When shuffling stitches around in doing cables, learning more about the stitch mount actually keeps cables looking good. So far in my experiments, all knitting styles can be used for just about anything. Continental style is more relaxed so it is good for my hands to learn not to grip the yarn and needles so tenaciously.

I think knitters are generally pretty smart, can figure out a written language of code even before computer language came along and even if the style may seem odd to others, the genius is that they have made countless beautiful things despite if they could have employed a few tweaks making it “more ergonomic”. When getting something done for Christmas is not the time to work on one’s skills set.

Knitters share wisdom which you don’t have to pay for and they share it no matter what their culture of language group.

And lots has been learned about knitting such as it releasing endorphins so if you have stiff fingers, it can loosen them up and the endorphins make you feel better, relaxed, content and it actually is good at making all pain less irksome. It gives the brain a workout too so it is good for people who wonder if their brain is slowing down.

Knitting is taught in public schools in Europe as it is found to help students apply their math skills, and the area the brain uses for the hands to knit, are good for motor skills of writing as well as being able to figure out how to put things together, i.e., problem solving.

It is all good. Group hug time. :grphug:

One of my pet peeves is people saying that one method is better, faster, the best way, the right way or whatever. The best way is whatever method works best for you.

I agree with you and Jan. Best is so very highly subjective. I knit Continental because that’s the only way I could get stitches on the needle. I tried Portuguese and see it’s good points but I had to hold the yarn in my right hand and trying to do that was so awkward it didn’t work out. Tonight (drum roll please) I was able to do knits and purls English style, and I was starting to feel like I was truly knitting and not just trying to. I’ll work on it for a while again tomorrow.

To be honest, I’ve never found a way to hold the yarn by wrapping it around my fingers. I’m a “total thrower”. I started off crocheting, but when I took a class with a friend and the teacher kept telling me I was knitting instead of crocheting I decided to actually learn how to knit. For whatever reason, I never picked up the ability to hold the yarn in my left hand (I knit English style). I’m sure it slows me down, but I’ve never had anyone to help me try and figure it out. So, I do my slow but successful personal style. I’m sure it drives other knitters crazy, but what can you do?:teehee:

I think it is ridiculous for that woman to say that you knit in the wrong way if what you produce looks alright!

Was she just having a grumpy day I wonder?

I don’t know why the woman woman at the doctor’s office was so grumpy. I live in So.California and to say that common courtesy is not what it once was, watch out when you shop to get out of the way. Walkers walk just like they drive. This incident happened at a doctor’s office, she was probably under the weather. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and am around 60 years old. If that is it, that is not right either.

There are a lot of YouTubers who use the term “knitting the wrong way” in videos. Better to say “latest ergonomic knitting – tune up your knitting skills”, then no one is offended.

Have I ever opened my mouth to change feet? I think we have all done that. So who knows.