No pictures for me!

Unbelievable as it is, my beautiful expensive digital camera got dropped into the washer and went through a whole cycle! :verysad: It may be totally kaputs and now I have no way to post until we find out if it can be repaired or buy another one, which isn’t going to happen right away. What a time for this to happen right before our new grandson’s birth. We have a nice Advantix film camera we can use, but I just got the hang of the digital one! lol

So sorry to hear about your camera! :pout: That really stinks. Hope the Advantix works well in the meantime and that the digital can be repaired.

ooohhh nooooo!!! I hope it isn’t a total loss… did you have a warranty or anything? you can always have a DVD/ CD-Rom made of your regular film when you get it developed along with regular prints. Then you can still share! MKZ

:noway: Holy crap! How on earth did that happen!? Well, live and learn I guess. Hope you can get a new one before too long!

I too just lost my digital camera. Soo sad!! I lost mine at a show at a music festival. :doh: Oops. I hope that yours can be replaced or repaired soon. You’ll need it for the grandson.

I just want to post a pic of my very first socks, I guess it will have to wait.

Oh, I’m so sorry that happened! Hopefully it will begin to work again…miracles happen :wink:

Well, it is totally gone so we say farewell to my Sony!

Jan: I have a bad knee and have trouble navigating the stairs without holding onto the rail. I was bringing the dirty clothes basket downstairs and wanted to bring the camera down to take a pic of my finished ribbon top and dropped it into the clothes basket so I could carry everything and still hold onto the rail. When I got downstairs, I just dumped everything into the washer and started it. It was cushioned by clothing so didn’t make any sound when it went in. I didn’t see it until the wash was finished and I opened the washer to put the stuff into the dryer!

I think we are going to buy a used one just like it for right now because Jack wants a SRL camera and they are upwards of $600+ and I can’t see buying a new one of the current one then getting the SRL one too.

:pout: Oh gosh! How horrible! I hope you can get a new camera soon!


Well just to make you feel a little better- as we were packing up to leave from my daughter’s 4th birthday party, my dh (dumb husband) put the camera on top of the car, and… yup, you guessed it… we drove away. Needless to say, the nice digital camera and ALL of our pics of her party were in shards on the highway! AUGH!!

Anyway, hope you are able to replace yours soon!


You get the bigger bummer award! Our memory stick was empty and actually it is still ok, I just short circuited the whole camera. I would have been crushed if my granson’s birthday pics would have gotten destroyed, but our 2005 vacation to Las Vegas pics were lost when my husband’s external hard drive on his laptop went belly up with the pictures on them. Oh well, guess we will just have to go back this year and retake them all! :rofl:

I’m so sorry about your camera! I wish there was something I could say to cheer you up.

I also dropped mine this week onto the floor and my DH almost killed me. We took it to repair and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the damage is only minor.


Oh, my goodness, all these tragic camera stories makes me feel . . . . . . :passedout:

Hey, NonnyT, no dirty pictures for you, hey :teehee:
OK I admit it. BAD PUN :verysad:

Wow, what a bummer! I hope you get a new one soon. I just bought a new camera last week and I totally love it! I really like the digital stuff, coming from film cameras.
Hee hee - PurlyGyrl, “no dirty pictures for you” funny!