No-pattern felted bag Q

i started knitting a bag. i knit a rectangle for the base (60 stitches by about 50 rows) then picked up/knitted on all the way around and am now knitting in the round. my question is since i am knitting in the round i am creating stockinette fabric, so when i felt and block the finished bag, do i want the purl side out or the knit sides out? :muah:

If fully felted, you should get a fairly uniform fabric so it probably doesn’t matter all that much, but I’ve always had the knit side facing out.

i’ve always done knitted side out too. They have slightly different looks. not texture, but looks (if they are striped).

if you picked up stitches around the bottom, then purl side or knit side will have a ridge around it. you probably want that to be the inside.

thanks ladies :muah:
i like the way the knit side looks, so i am gonna do as you guys did!