No one is ever!

Nobody seems to go to the…
Let’s turn that around!
Who’s with me?

Not everyone gets summer vacation. A lot of people have to work during the day or have kids. :shrug:

True, but still…

Everytime I’ve ever gone in I’ve always been in there talking to myself. Nobody is ever there or if they are they are away from their computers. I won’t go back, not worth the effort. :shrug:

I’m there now!

Hello? Let’s go chat!!!

I’m usually not on the computer long enough at one time for chat. I log on, check my regular sites, make a smart-*ss remark or two and log off again to do other things.

I actually forget it’s even there.I think it needs to be displayed better,like in it’s own little spot.I NEVER use the Forum button so I forget the Chat room is there:roll:

I second Jan here. Damn work for getting in the way!!! :teehee: Other than that, I just simply got impatient with only occasionally finding others in KnitChat. So I stopped even logging in. :pout:

I popped in a few times over the weekend. Seems like a few people had just left when I got there … including redheadedrachel. It might be nice if there were a feature available for how many are in chat. I think I’ve seen other rooms that do this. Wouldn’t have to mention names, just `X people in chat now’

I never go because I have a hard enough time figuring out what I want to say here… forget RT… I 'd never make it!

:waving: The main forum page tells you who’s in chat!

i go in once in a while just to see if anyone is in there if there’s no one i usually leave.

I am not a chatter. I don’t even talk on the phone for longer than I absolutely [I]have[/I] to.

I went in there over the weekend and someone had just left when I arrived so in popped Knitbotty and we talked it up for a few. Other than that, I do check at the bottom of the first page and no one is there?:shrug:

I had conversations with several people last Friday evening. I enjoyed it - it’s a good way to get to know people better. (How ya’ doin’ Hob?) - Pretty cool to talk in RT with someone from another country!

But, there is seldom anyone there when I check. I think it’s a nice feature. Could be useful if you wanted to set something up. I don’t have access to it during the work day. If I did, I would be there all day, and be pleased to serve as the “hostess” :).

I went in and chatted with KnittyBot and it asked me what I was wearing … I’m like, OK then!

Maybe he should be renamed “NaughtyBot”!

:waving: The main forum page tells you who’s in chat!

D’oh!! That’s where I saw it!

I hardly ever check that page though, but I will now…

Hi! I just checked into the chat room, but because I’m at work, it won’t let me respond!! I thought there might be some settings or something I could adjust, but no luck!

I’m sorry to those of you who were speaking to me - I would have responded if I had been able to!! I was just lurking there, and started to feel like a voyeur, so I checked back out…

Maybe I’ll see you there again sometime - I can access it normally at home - darn these people, why can’t they provide me with a system that allows me to chat with my knitting friends all day???:eyes: