No Needle size Stated in Pattern

I love this blanket and would like to make it.

The pattern does not state the needle size but it looks like they used a rather large needle size. How would I find out what size needle was used?


On that link, there is a drop-down menu to order needles to go with the pattern. It says that the needles are size 11. Hopefully, that’s the answer you need!

Thanks so much for letting me know. In the future I’ll look more carefully!!!

[hi there:)
you dont have to buy the kit,
this is a free pattern, that you can get from a few places online, one being Lion Brand yarns site… they have a ton of them, look under baby blankets, its called a diagonal blanket …or you can google it
take care[/b]

Yeah, the pattern is free on that site too. So, we’re in good shape!