No More Sodas

My doctor wants me to give up my diet cokes. I know that doesn’t sound like a big deal, but you have to know me to understand. I LOVE my cokes. It’s my coffee in the morning, my beverage with lunch, my midnight snack, and everything in between. I hate to admit it, but I drink over a twelve pack a day, not including the Rt 44 sonic drink I get and all the ones I get out of the machines when shopping for groceries. I even drink one while I take my bath.

Anyway, no more of that. My doctor wants me to give all that up, and I’m really going to try. I just drank my last one…OMG…Please pray for me…

WOW! I feel for you, I truly do! I’m a soda addict myself and I’ve tried to give it up, but, to no avail…I’ll be thinking of you and hoping you can get through it!

WOW - you have my sympathy. Giving anything your body is that used to is hard. The carbonation in soda tends to upset my stomach so I have never been much of a soda drinker. I have however recently started getting addicted to Cafe au Laits and Mistos (coffee with milk). Even cutting back from a couple a day to a couple a week has been hard for me.
Can you replace the soda with something like Crystal Light or flavored seltzer water?

Wow…that is a lot of soda! Can’t you just cut back more gradually?

It’ll take some getting used to, but you can do it! :thumbsup:

Holy cow, you’re giving all that up cold turkey? Good luck! :slight_smile:

I am trying to cut down on them myself… what I’ve been doing is making carbonated lemonade- 1 can of la croix carbonated water, a squirt of lemon juice and a couple of splenda packets.

Well, try to focus on the positive side of it. When you beat the addiction and you are healthier you will probably feel a lot better. Diet sodas rob the body of Calcium and we women need our calcium. I do feel your pain… I am trying to stop drinking regular soda… bad for the waistline and the bones… I am switching to iced tea because I like it without sugar.

I’ll be thinking about you and sending good vibes your way…:muah:

I had a bad Diet Coke habit about 11 years ago. I didn’t drink as much as you, and I did have coffee in the a.m. instead of soda! But I understand how hard it is to give up that soda. You’re in my thoughts and prayers!

We often mix carbonated water with 100% fruit juice (no sugar added). It’s better than soda for sure. But your “replacement” drink will depend on why your doctor asked you to stop. If it’s because you don’t drink anything else in a day and it replaces food, drinking the same quantity of carbonated water with juice/crystal light is a little better, but still not great. :shrug: Is it because of the quantity, variety, content of the drink, or all of these reasons?

It must be really hard to quit a habit like this so suddenly. :shock: I feel your pain! :hug: But yes, focus on the positive side! You can do it! :thumbsup:

Just think of all the yarn you can buy with the money you were spending on diet coke… :slight_smile:

It’s mainly because I want to lose weight. She told me studies have shown diet drinks tend to hold onto calories. I’ll be 40 years old in August, and I guess it’s just not good for me.

Anyway, I’ve done it before. It was about 6 years ago, and I gave them up. I tried just cutting back to a few a day, but I guess I’m just too weak. If they’re there, I’ll drink them. I finally made the decision, and I was soda free. I was drinking more water, I had lost 40 pounds, and I just felt better all around. I don’t know what possessed me to start drinking them again. I guess I thought that since I had them out of my system, I’d be able to enjoy one occasionally. It worked for a while, but it wasn’t long until I was back where I was, with my coke addiction (sorry for the bad pun). Apparantly, for me it’s all or nothing. It’s a good think I don’t like alcohol, isn’t it?:teehee:

Anyway, I want to feel good like that again. I’ve been diagnosed with severe depression, and I’ve battled it off and on for years. I just want to feel good.

Best of luck! If you did it once, you can do it again! :slight_smile: I too had a bad habit, about 6-8 cans a day, and cut out diet coke about 2 1/2 years ago (around the same time I quit smoking!) I now have a soda only about once or twice a week. I’ve had an unopened 2 liter of diet coke in the fridge since Thanksgiving. I NEVER thought that would happen! LOL

For those trying to cut out sodas, here’s more food for thought: It’s been on the news recently that in women, there is a close association between early onset of osteoporosis and regular consumption of carbonated drinks at a young age and beyond. There’s debate over whether plain carbonated water causes any problems, but the phosphoric acid in colas definitely decrease bone density.

You’re better off without the sodas. Do like I do and drink beer instead. :mrgreen:

I feel for ya. I used to drink about a 6 pack of regular soda a day (Coke or DP). I’m not a coffee drinker so soda was my caffeine of choice. I had cut down to one soda every week or 2, but now I’m back up to 1 or 2 a day.

I don’t like any pop. It makes my teeth feel dirty after drinking it.

I think I remember seeing that there is two tablespoons of sugar in reg pop and other bad stuff in diet like aspartame, etc. So just think of all the unnecessary crap you will be not taking in anymore. Water, tea, juice and milk. No need to drink sugar, eat chocolate instead. That’s the best way to get your sugar!!

Recently I started buying sparkling water in order to help my teenage kids cut down on soda. I wasn’t expecting much at first. As a matter of fact I expected them to say they hated the stuff, but lo and behold they like it. My daughter just squeezes some lemon and lime and . . .voila . . . its a lemon lime soda. Recently we had a 16th b-day party for my son and I mixed sparkling water with cranberry/apple/grape juice and I couldn’t keep enough of it on hand for all the kids’ friends. My point is, perhaps doing something like that will help you through the Diet Coke withdrawal more than you would initially think. I know that won’t help where the caffeine is concerned, but perhaps you can drink some tea for your caffeine boost :slight_smile:

We’re rooting for you!!! :hug:

Maybe you could try sparking mineral water - it still has the fizzies but none of the other really bad stuff (maybe a little sodium). But it might be worth a try at least to get off the soda habit.
Good luck - any habit takes some time to break. Wishing you the best!!!

Silly silly Mason!!! Wouldn’t that be something to tell your doctor “So doc, I did as you said and cut out all those sodas. It was easy. I just replaced them with beer. And you know what doc, you’re right, I couldn’t be happier!” :rofl:

I fail to see the problem. :cool:

I did the same thing! Gave up Mountain Dew, non diet cold turkey about 6 years ago, got healthy, felt great, lost weight. One day I needed a little pick me up and grabbed a coke, bad mistake. I now need to detox off of them again and I’m dreading it. Like you it’s cold turkey for me, if they are there or I think I can have just one it’s all over. I’ll do it if you do! We can do it together! :cheering: Gotta start tomorrow though because today I drank a couple of Dr. Peppers.