No More Shopping!

Whenever I want to start I project, I end up having to purchase more yarn, different yarn, or different needles because what I have on-hand won’t get me the guage I need for the project I want to start. [COLOR=“Red”]Does anyone have a system of purchasing yarn, so that when you are ready to start a project you have enough usable yarn on hand?[/COLOR] Right now I have 17 skeins (whole, half, and parts of skeins) and 30 needles including long straights, short straights, dpns, and circulars. [COLOR=“red”]Also, if see a beautiful skein on yarn in my local craft store but I do not have a specific project in mind at the moment of discovery, how many skeins/yards should I purchase in order to have enough on-hand to use it when I’m ready? Please help! All suggestions welcome. :knitting:

P.S. I usually make accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves. This summer I’d like to knit a sweater and a shrug to fit a size 16 bod.

17 skeins? Wow…wish that was all I had! :lol: I personally buy for what I need rather than buy ahead. You can look at the link I am sharing, but I think if you can do it choosing the pattern and then buy the yarn is a better idea even if you don’t make it right away.

These are estimates. When I buy for a project I usually buy one or two extra skeins. You don’t want to run out.

Check out Stashbot by Quince & Co. It’s really helpful for figuring out how much yarn to buy, when you don’t have something specific in mind for it.

Thanks, it sounds exactly like what I need. They’re out of stock currently; I registered to get an email when the pamphlet becomes available.