No mention of second glove

Experienced glove knitters, I need your help!!! I’m knitting the gloves from the Ann Budd’s “…Book of Patterns” and I knitted one glove. There is no mentioned anywhere about how to do the second glove. So I figure that they were identical. But after the first one was finished, it seems to fit the left hand better so now I wondering if I should do something to make this second glove fit the right hand better. One would think that patterns would mention the other glove. I have searched for information on making gloves on the net but there is much less than I thought there would be. The pattern instuctions have you knit the gusset at the end of the second needle (stitch 29 of 59) so should I start the gusset of the second glove at the end of the fourth needle? Or maybe just start the gusset of the right glove a stitch closer to the palm at stitch 30) These are a couple of variations that I found mentioned on the net. Any help would be appreciated!!

I would go with tthe 4th needle idea!

Thanks Hilde!! I’ll give that a try. By the way I made the gloves hobo style and then knitted the shell provided by the Knitty’s Broadway mittens. I ended up knitting the shell (after frogging a dozen times)inside out for a few rows and then having to flip it so I could knit it normally. It worked so I guess that’s alright. Can’t help but wonder if I was just missing somethin obvious. :whoosh: Maybe by the time I finished the next glove I will know what I’m doing. I can’t believe how much time I’ve spent on this pair of gloves. Let me know if you know of any good glove patterns. Even the book that I finally decided to use had pattern problems until I found the errata on line. Can’t believe these gloves are still sitting in front of me instead of on the floor across the room. Thanks again for you may have saved the lifes of these poor little gloves.

You know, the knitter’s handy book of patterns has a very basic glove pattern in it, which has charts for different gauges and different hand sizes. (it’s also got the same for hats, tams, mittens, socks and a few different sweaters). YOu might check that out and see what you think. There’s lots of ways you can customize simple patterns… adding cables to the back of the hand, or doing a different ribbing, etc.

Actually, I’m using the glove pattern from the The Knitter’s Handy book of patterns 2002 edition. I chose to use the mitten pattern from Budd’s book because of all the sizes. There is an errata for the mitttens and the tam for this edition. But there is no mention of the second glove in this edition anywhere.