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hi there

i’m looking for multiple skeins of sugar and cream yarn in the color hot blue.

looking to buy skeins with the dyelot number of 159330
will trade for any other lot numbers

Just PM or reply here


bump bump bump! nobody has any of this?

[COLOR=magenta]I just looked in my stash and I have 2 skeins of Sugar n’ Cream[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]in Hot Blue, but both skeins are Dye lot # 159324.[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]I am willing to sell it to ya or make a trade[/COLOR]
[COLOR=magenta]Just give me a PM if you still need it …=)[/COLOR]

i pm’ed you

i traded some with lady m but i’m still looking for about 4 more skeins to trade!

Mary Maxim is having a huge sale on Sugar and Cream right now. I saw the Hot Blue on the shelf. Good luck!

Herschnerr’s has Hot Blue Sugar and Creme on sale - don’t know if they can check dye lots for you or not. Both the small size and the big cones are on sale.
Good Luck!!!

thanks the knitter and miccisue for the heads up!