NO LONGER ISO Looking for Red Lion Teal 0388 and Gemstone 0959

Update 3/21 I’ve given up. Joann had 1 gemstone, I found 1 gemstone on ebay and bid on a bunch.

Thanks for all the help!

I’m looking for multiple skeins of Red Heart Teal, color 0388, no dye lot. 100% acrylic, 8 oz skeins. I will buy what you have on hand. Thanks!!

UPDATE 3/20 - Joann came through. No longer need Gemstone. Any leads on Teal 0388 appreciated

Update 3/20 - Also looking for multiple skeins of Red Heart Gemstone 0959, no dye lot, variegated. I think it was just discontinued. 100% acrylic, 6 oz skeins.

Thank you for all the help and encouragement!

Have you checked Ravelry?

I’ll see if I can find some when I get back home tomorrow.

I will, if I can remember my password!! ROFLOL or reset. Thanks for the reminder.

Metylda, Thank you !!!

BTW, I got the idea to check Joann off Ravelry. Thank you for the idea.

I looked through my stash of yarns. The only red heart I have is royal blue.

I sincerely appreciate that you checked. I think I’m going to give up and use a different color scheme. Thanks for the response and effort.