I made these Christmas socks about four years ago. I have worn them each season since. This year I noticed a hole in one of the socks. Fortunately, I kept the left-over yarn. Has anyone tried to knit a hole closed? Maybe something like the kitchener stitch? I can just seam it, of course. It won’t show anyway. I’m just curious.

I’m not able to link to the thread for you, but look under General Knitting for the Hubbys Socks thread. On the 2nd page of posts, ArtLady linked to a great video on how to knit a patch to repair holes in socks.

Good luck! :muah:

Ah, that sounds like exactly what I was looking for! Thank you!

Darn it!

No, seriously, darn it…that’s what one kind of sock repair is called. I’ve been waiting for ages to haul out that old joke :teehee:
Since you have the matching yarn and all, you’ll be able to do a smooth repair and it will either not show or be really, really hard to see once it’s done. Putting new toes and heels in socks is another once-common skill that ought to be revived since sock knitting is so popular now.