No label

what if you get a hank of yarn with no label… how do you determine how long it is??? :??

Hmmm… you could cut a peice of cardboard that’s half a yard long and wrap the yarn around it. Count how many times, and that’s the approximate yardage. :slight_smile:

ugggggg more work. ok thanks, till do that! :thumbsup: :twisted:

Yeah… I’ve had to do it before too. It’s not exactly fun. :wink:

Actually, I wonder if you could weigh it and compare it to other yarns of similar content and gauge? If anything, it would give you a good guesstimate.

That was my first thought, too. If you know what it is and have a small enough scale, you could compare it to the weight of a full skein and do a ratio.

my scale is at my moms!!! anyway i was wondering would wrapin it 100 times be 200 yds. you know both fron and back being 2yds… i’m kind of dumb when it comes to measuring… :oops:

If you’re wrapping it around something one yard long, then one complete wrap would be 2 yards, so yeah, your calculations are correct, so you are a mathematician after all!



My KidsKnit group has LOTS AND LOTS of “unmarked” donated yarn. When we get to a place where we need yard measurements for projects, we will do what Ingrid suggested, using a scale from the Science Lab. Somewhere … but of course I can’t find it there is an article about the “granor”??? scale that is used to weigh yarn. Right now, we are learning to cast on, knit …and not use our sticks for anything but knitting :slight_smile: We have three rotating groups … one learning to knit, one making needles, one winding center pull balls. That way I only have to answer and help two at a time while we are learning!

I did find this :

An average worsted-weight yarn will have approximately 50 yards per ounce, Sports yarn 120 yards per ounce and baby yarn 150 yards per ounce.

Dark colors take more dye and will weigh heavier, so expect the darker colors to have a little less yardage per ounce.


if you REALLY want to get into it, here is a series of figuring out just this dliemma!

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Thats the article I was looking for! How did I get granor scale out of McMorran Yarn Balance … sort of like when we used to play “gossip”… or when a little kid makes up a word because they can’t think of the right one! YIKES!