No Knitting Needles Allowed-- Jury Duty

I have jury duty and they suggest we bring our needle work to do while we wait to be called into a trial.

The first time I went through security–not problem. The only sign up was about weapons. The second time I went through — the grouchy lady took my knitting. When I mentioned I could fly with my knitting, she said, “This is not an airport.” Did I mention the lady before me had her knitting that didn’t get taken? And the lady behind me didn’t have her knitting taken away either? In fact they didn’t say a word.

Today I’m calling the county commissioners about this.


Well that doesn’t seem fair! I wonder why yours was taken? Did you ask why they got through, but you didn’t? Maybe needle type or something? She should have told you!

Argh, that sounds really frustrating! It reminds me of that line in Stand and Deliver, “Use a pencil, go to jail”.

If they want MY civic participation, they let me knit while I wait!

Oh man that is awful!

what a stinky thing to do!!! Do you get it back??? I’d have caused a ruckus I’m afraid…

That’s not fair at all that the person infront of you had knitting that didn’t get taken away. I think I’d definitely call and inquire about this.

I have to call next week to see if I have to go in. I wasn’t sure if I could bring knitting with me.

Maybe I should call. If they took it away from everyone, then it’d be ok. Just you? :!!!:

Ooooh I would be so angry about that :!!!:


That’s seems unfair. I hope you get a satisfactory answer soon. samm

The only thing I can think of is that IF the three bags went through a scanner that metal needles would have stood out against wooden ones… Yes, very odd one person was asked to hand over and not all three.

i’d be pretty hot under the collar, and definitely would’ve said something right then and there about the other two with knitting. and if she even LOOKED like she was going to take my Options, forget it, i would’ve gone back out to the car and stashed it for the day.

Sounds like somebody was on a little power trip. I’d file a formal complaint.

If I lived near you I would organize a knit in :waving:

Did you have those shiny, life threating Addia needles??? :tap:Huh???..Well did ya, come on come clean…If ya did, she was a knitter, and just wanted to fondel them. I would be pressing charges myself… Somthing is not right there

I woulda turned on my heels and said: “Well then, I will be back later” and taken my knitting home…or to the car…and came back later. Noooo waaay would she get her mitts on my knitting. :pout:


My needles were metal Inox circulars with an almost finished top down sweater. I made the little man who was working with her promise that I would get it back . . . they do have a weapons locker.

When I came back down, it was just sitting on the cart where anyone could to taken it. If my knitting was so dangerous that a juror couldn’t have it, then why was it where a criminal could have taken it.

Since the ladies with me were my new best friends (we were all trapped together in the waiting room) I didn’t want to nark our a fellow knitter.

I did write all of the county commissioners this AM. I haven’t gotten a reply yet. If I don’t hear anything, I’m writing the newspaper.

For my next time down to the court house, I will be taking a very dangerous laptop. Someone could whack someone over the head with it or even take my cords to strangle someone.

If I hear anything from the commissioners, I’ll let you all know

It must be really scary to live in a country where they have scanners for weapons at schools and courthouses, police have to carry guns, and where something like knitting needles is actually dangerous.

I had this happen to me as well. I had cleaned out my knitting bag and packed it very nicely before going to court. I stood in a long, long line and when my turn finally came they TOOK my needles! Of course the needles were being used at the time, so they took the project too and locked it away in a small locker. One of the guys working security was very polite, his grandmother was a knitter and he understood how careful he had to be with my project. I offered them my scissors as well, which they said were so small I could keep them… Ummm… OK. I didnt understand at all. Anyhow… when I came down for lunch and packed everything away in my knitting bag I discovered one of my ebony dpns was broken:grrr:I calmly asked to speak with the man that put everything in the locker and he did not realize what he had done! The other officer was at lunch and I just wanted to cry!! When I came back from lunch I told the other officer what happened and he truely simpathized with me. He was very sweet and offered to PAY FOR NEW NEEDLES. I turned him down, and said his buddy broke them, he should pay or at the very least say he was sorry! I made a complaint with the Judge later… he didnt see a problem with knitting in court either. It did not help, you still cant take knitting needles into court.

Long story short, about 3 weeks later I recieved a small package in the mail containing ebony DPNs and a note from Officer Taylor. The fella that broke my needles gave him money and he, with the help of his grandmother bought me new needles! They were one size larger than the ones broken, but I didnt have that size so all was good! His grandmother now knits with our knitting group fairly often!

Becky, that is the sweetest story!!! It renews my faith in humanity.

I had jury duty, but I didn’t even bother to bring my knitting. I know that Chicago police could give a rat’s arse about my knitting. I just brought a big fat book.

What a nice officer. He sure bets the we aren’t the airport security person here in Spokane.