No Knit Weekend at Animal House

How’s your weekend going? I am having a surprising one:


WOW! Now I see why you didn’t have time for knitting! I find I have no time to knit when my furry charges are around – they take up more time then the kiddos!

Isn’t it funny how the toddlers want to be friendly with the pets, but the pets act like they are going to the vets and vanish into thin air – I take care of a toddler who so loves her pets, but only one of the dogs will stay there to get the attention, while looking at me with eyes that seem to say “help!”. Ladybug wanted to bring home a duckling Friday, until the thing snapped at her, then she was happy to wave good-bye to it and all it’s friends. I showed her the moose movie I posted in the off-topics section & she kept signing “please more” & saying “Nana”, her version of Nanny.