NO! It's twisted!

I’m distraught! After days and days of knitting swatches to get gauge and casting on 300 stitches (three times) and being so careful not to twist when joining them…I twisted them when joining them. Badly. This has never happened to me before but this is, by far, the biggest in the round knitting I have ever done. I have two questions:

A. Is there a way to fix this without frogging?

B. Because I know the answer to A is “no”, how can I prevent this next time? I was SO careful and I twisted them anyway!!! I’m using a long tail cast on. Is there a better way that will decrease the chances that I get a twist?

I’m making a slightly modified version of this:

Thanks for any help!

Oh, groan, I hate it when this happens and it’s happened to me more than once.
If it’s a large number of sts, you could frog back to one row before the cast on and then tink back the final row so that you end up with the cast on on the needles. It’s a little painful but it may save you casting on again.
One way to avoid repeating the same mistake is to knit a couple of rows back and forth then join in the round. The short piece knit back and forth can be seamed later with the initial yarn tail.
Good luck with it and sorry for your trouble. You’re certainly not alone.

That is the most wonderful answer! Thanks for being so gentle and understanding. I’m just sick about it. I rarely have time to knit anymore now that my Etsy shop is so busy and my kids are older so the time I carve out is so special. So…I guess this is just part of the “fun”! HAHA!

I LOVE the idea of frogging and tinking and then knitting flat and then joining. That’s excellent. I would have never thought to do that.

Thank you so very much! I love this place!! I’d be lost without it! :muah:

We’ve all had that happen unfortunately! Best way I’ve found is what Salmonmac said… knit a few rows then join. :thumbsup:

I just wanted to check back in and say THANK YOU again! Because I hate tinking, I went ahead and frogged the whole thing and cast on again. I did what you suggested and knit about 6 rows back and forth and then joined. It worked like a charm!!! I’m going to do that every time from now on! I love learning new tricks and this is my favorite so far!

Thanks again!!!