No-holes wrap & turn (short rows)

I’m back from a long hiatus from knitting and have been working on Carmen Bananas sock monkey. I’m at the face shaping and have been having a fussy time with the “mitered heel” that makes up the lips and face. Basically, each time (I’ve done this twice on the monkey, and four times on spare yarn and larger needles) I finish, there are gaping holes on either side of the increases.

I’ve followed along with the video on this site, as well as numerous variations on no-wraps, cat bordhi, yo, etc. I can wrap and turn no problemo, but when it comes time to increase the stitches, I flub. The instructions that come with Carmen Bananas tell me to “wrap and turn” after picking up each of the wrapped stitches. I think this is where I need help. Here’s an excerpt of the actually wording:

[I]When there are 10 sts between wrapped sts, with RS facing, K to first wrapped st, pick up the wrap and K it together with the st it wraps; W&T. Purl to the first wrapped st, pick up the wrap and P it together with the st it wraps; W&T. Work in this manner, working one more st each row, until there are `7 sts between wrapped sts with WS facing. [/I]

It seems that when I come to the first wrapped st on a given row, and I pick up the wrap and work it with the st it wraps, then W&T, I’m not absorbing a new st before the wrap and turn. Does that make sense? Can someone help me? You all have been so helpful in the past, getting me over my propensity to make things “harder” than they need to be. :wink:

I looked at this for you and I see what you mean. It seems like when you do what it says you are never going to get from 10 stitches between the wraps to 7 because instead of getting closer together they get further apart. :?? I don’t know the answer, I just wanted you to know I wanted to help, but I don’t get it either. Sorry.

I agree it’s like you’re supposed to keep wrapping the same stitch. Search the projects on Ravelry to see if anyone else had this problem, or if there’s a correction or explanation. Or contact the designer.