No holes where I need holes! HELP!

I’m working on the cover sweater from Interweave Knits Winter 2006. There is a panel that has ssk yo k yo k2tog. Sounds simple enough. On the WS, purl all stitches. Okay, got it. When I knit this pattern, my holes all fill up so it’s like they aren’t there for this lacy portion. What am I doing wrong? Might I be doing the yo wrong and when I purl the yo, it creates a full stitch rather than a lacy hole?

Thanks for the input in advance!:cheering:

Watch the YO video on the increase page of the videos. See if you’re wrapping the correct direction. If you’re wrapping opposite, you might well be twisting the stitch unknowingly when you purl the next row.

After your ssk, bring yarn to front, then knit the next stitch. Bring yarn to front again, then k2tog.

When you purl the next row, your holes should appear.