No gauge listed on pattern

I want to knit a hat it’s called Crystal Palace BeBop & Iceland Wool but I can’t seem to find the gauge. I am not using their yarn because no one has it in my area. Does anyone know how I can just knit it?
It’s a simple hat.
Cast on 60 sts and work in the round then start decreasing. Can I substitute knitting worsted by doubling it for bulky yarn?

Thank you

Is that the teal hat with the multi-colored novelty yarn around the edge? The gauge for that hat is 3 st/in on 10.5 needles. For the yarn itself, Iceland’s gauge is 2.5-3.5 sts/inch on 10.5 to 13 needles.

You could substitute 2 strands of worsted weight held together as long as it knits up to the 3 st per inch gauge.

[color=blue]Here’s[/color] a link, pix included, on how to make Monk’s Cord.