No Dye Lot

I see it all the time on cheap yarn and it has me wondering…how can you not have a dye lot? I just don’t get it. I’m using some right now and it is so totally off from one skein to another! They matched in the store, but at home in real lights they look awful. Oh well. That’s how you know it’s homemade!

Can someone please tell me what they mean when they put that on yarn?


I’ve wondered the same thing and don’t really know. After thinking on it I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s maybe like paint… they have a specific amount of drops of each color to create the same one every time. Maybe they do that with yarn dye?

I ran into this with Red Heart no dye lot. If you check the labels, there isn’t a dye lot, but there is a date code - like 01 16 06. I hadn’t picked up on this until I had my problem. So, even if there aren’t “dye lots”, there are “date codes” which to me amounts to the same thing in the end.

One note…if the yarn you used was Red Heart, call their customer service department. I did after I made a two-shaded child’s sweater (using same color, different date codes), and they sent me replacement yarn at no charge.

Hope this helps.

I’ve noticed the date on Red Heart and made sure to get the same date, but this is Caron. I love the color, but I can’t believe how different it is. My husband can show me where I switched colors (the 2nd time, not the 1st that’s close) and he’s one of those that will tell you everything is the red even if it’s 14 shades of pink. There’s a stamp with the name and a number, but I think the number is just the color’s number because it’s the same on all of them. Oh well…it’s only $3 a skein!


Email them at Explain your problem, and ask them if they will do something to compensate you for the problem. Their website says “No dye lot yarns are guaranteed to match”…you found out differently.

If nothing else, if they are as good as Red Heart, they will replace the yarn at no charge. Even if it can’t undo your finished project, you could end up with yarn to make something else with.

Personally, I’d email them…if not for your own sake, for the sake of others who will run into the same problem. They need to do something to assure a better match of no dye lot yarn…whether it’s date coding, or something else.