"No Dye Lot" striping in my work!- gotta vent

So I am making “Snowflakes on Red” sweater from Patons “Big Chill” pattern book- it is a whole bunch of fairisle patterns that are really cute Nordic-styled sweaters. This is my first fairisle project and I got through it really well. Using Red Heart “Soft Yarn” in seafoam and cream for the snowflake patterns, which is surprisingly soft. I finished the back piece and realized that there is a visible color change from where I added in the new skein of yarn after the armhole shaping! It’s No Dye Lot! And it is Red Heart yarn! It’s not supposed to do that! Now I have to rip out 33 rows. I am very upset. And I gave up chocolate for Lent, so I can’t even cheer myself up with that. :frog:


There was a thread a while ago that all of the traditional no dye lot yarns are now in that kind of state. One person mentioned that no dye lot now means no matching…

Sorry it goofed up your project!

What a pain! I’ve never used “no dye lot” yarn, but those words scare me none the less. I’m sorry that happened to you!

How big of an area is it that is different. I just learned of a new technique (from Silver) where you cut out the bad spot and graft it back togetherinstead of ripping out the whole thing. If it’s not too big a spot you may be able to do that.

The area about halfway up the armhole and all the way up to the shoulders (about 33 rows) is slightly a different shade. My husband says you can only notice it when the light hits it a certain way, but it still bothered me. I ripped it out. And I ran a red lifeline a couple of rows below where I had joined the new yarn, ripped down to that lifeline, and then did a technique I had learned from the Rowan denim yarn- I knit two rows with the new yarn, and then two rows with the old yarn, and two rows of the new yarn, until the old yarn ran out. I can still notice the difference in color shades. I will see how it goes from there. Maybe it will work itself out in the laundry? (I thought this yarn was colorfast) It is a good thing that it is the back of the work and I have long hair, so it shouldn’t be that noticeable. And hopefully, the eye will be drawn to the bottom of the sweater where the fairisle snowflakes are. I just hope this doesn’t happen on the front or the sleeves.


IMO, “no dye lot” is synonomous with “cheap”. I have never come across a beautiful yarn that has no dye lot.