Nintendo DS vs DS Lite

Very quick question before I spend too much on the wrong souped-up Gameboy - is there a difference between the Nintendo DS and the Lite version, and do the DS games work on the Lite console? I’d hate to buy the wrong console and disappoint a sister who has an evil streak and access to my needles…

If your buying a new hand-held, it’s only DS-lite’s around now. But you can get 2nd hand Ds’s, the games are the same, it’s the gadet that is differnt.

I have a DS-Lite and am useless. I keep drowning Sonic!

Thanks Nobones! The evil sister wants Dolphin cove, dogz and sims, so not sure how much drowing will be going on… hopefully very little!

I have a DS lite - they’re much better than the original DS - they have four brightness settings, the lowest of which is the only one available on the original. They also have a double joint holding them together, which is way more secure than the old one. I don’t know if you have similar stores there, but here we have Game which sells pre-owned DS lites with games and a guarantee - they’re usually great value and are still in great condition.

I love my DS lite - one of the best investments I ever made :slight_smile:

Definitely go for the DS Lite. It can play all DS games as well as Game Boy Advance games. I love mine! :smiley:

Thanks for the advice guys - evil sister isn’t that evil really, and she asks for so little, so it’s all ordered and should get here by Christmas!

i had that problem on our sega genesis. :teehee:

Now you guys have me worried. I bought my daughter one of these for Christmas. I didn’t know there was a DS and a DS Lite. I just went to Target and purchased one of the last 3 on their shelf and a couple of games to go with it. I’m going to have to dig it out of the back of the closet and see what it is…