Nikkilc 40 for 40

It’s okay to cry, my friend.

can knit a bit longer now
still in pain in my back and neck

I hope the doctor gave you some good pain medication. That will help you relax and get better. :thumbsup:

Good news I don’t have a broken neck … bad news its just taken over 12hrs to find out.
so i can start physio next week and sadly no, the pain meds are not very strong as i am allergic to anything that contains aspirin.
I can knit so the physio says, just take it slow so thats good news:-P

Yay for no breaks! :cheering:
Boo for no strong pain medicine! :waah:

I am glad that you can still knit. :thumbsup:

I am back
The accident effects court up with me and i have rested and then i cought a virus :ick:
Felling a lot better so tomorrow i will box up the sweetheart blanket and send it on. Its been safety wrapped up in a plastic bag before i got sick so no germs :stuck_out_tongue:

You poor thing. It’s been a long road, hasn’t it? :pout:

I’m glad you’re getting better, though. :hug:

I was wondering about the blanket so I came to this thread and saw about your accident and virus :pout: I hope you recover soon :hug:

yesterday i manged to get for myself an old needlecraft book
Encyclopedia of needlework by TH de Dillmont published by DMC Library :inlove:

i love old craft books i also have an 1920’s book called the big book of needlecraft.

there are some great lace patterns i am going to try to work up and in Th de Dillmonts book there are some cast on methods i have never seen before using either 3 stands or 2 and one involving picots stitches
Will have fun for next few weeks trying them out :slight_smile: thought i think it will involve a lot of frogging lol :frog:

I love old craft books too! cloud9

I have some GORGEOUS patterns in my collection. I wish you could come visit my craft room to browse through them!

Have you seen these free patterns?

And here is the Lady’s Book of Knitting from 1886:

1886 Lace Edgings:

Forgot some!

Here is Beeton’s Book of Needlework:

And Mee’s Exercise in Knitting:

You can also download the book you got yesterday:

How kind of you to send those links i have had a field day :slight_smile:
I wish i could visit your craft room too maybe i could squeeze into a blanket box and get posted there lol
Maybe one day

Have you tried the 3 strand cast on yet? some one else posted this on the freelinks section it looks intresting

I’m so glad you enjoyed them! :muah:

Go for it! :teehee:

Nope. I’ve been too busy making baby blankets! :wink:

Love it! Thanks! :hug:

I am starting a baby jacket from a 1930 book called the big book of needlecraft by Annie Paterson published by odhams press
Just have to translate some of the instructions as i cant see how somethings going to look just by reading instructions i have too see it as well. Thats my dyslexic brain
By looks of it you only sew up the 2 sleeves
wish me luck
i will post pics as it grows

Good luck! Crossed Fingers

i am knitting it in a pale lilac

this is the 1st attempt at this pattern and the thick long bit is the sleeve and i think its going to be part of the front too
This is an odd pattern i have to rejoin some of the stitches yet

It looks like it could be a sweater knit in one piece? A little vague yet. :teehee:

well you only need to sew 2 sleeve seams and 2, 1 inch sections

I had to frog it and have restarted it with smaller needles as it was big enough to fit the dog lol

It is half knitted now
As you can see 1 sleeve and half a back and one whole front panel.
also its got some shaping around the neck and back of shoulders
don’t quite knit it in one piece you re join after sort of doing a sleeve.
Am not very good at explaining
But its easier to knit then i thought .

Just 1 side to go what do you think so far?