Nikkilc 40 for 40

Hi i am Nikki and on Feb the 14th i will be 40. :heart:
Trying to decide what i wanted to do for that day wasn’t easy.I am a single mum raising 2 teens with learning difficulty’s and not really into material things, I already work voluntary (sp) for a charity
So i have decided instead of gifts for me i will be gifting my time and skills to good causes.
So throught this yr i will try to do 40 things for chairtys and good causes and this is so far.

  1. i am signed up to 2 oddball blankets waiting for my turn on then.
    2)signed up to 2 prem blankets.Started the 1st one tonight.
    More ideas as i do them. :heart:

Hi Nikki the Loving Hearts blanket will be making its way to you tomorrow, so you will be one more step closer to your goal. Happy birthday for the 14th hope you enjoy your day.

Welcome to the KH blogs, my friend! :muah:

Thanks for the welcome
thats 2 actually done now :cheering: 38 to go lol

  1. Baby preeme blanket finished and ready to post
  2. Start knitting 2nd section of the blanket karina sent me

Welcome to KH and the blogs!

There are so many things you can do for charity. Here’s a few ideas that aren’t too big and might help your goal. :wink:

Chemo caps for a local hospital
Hats for a local homeless shelter
Blankets for an animal shelter or pet store

Call these places first and see if they are in need of these things first of course. :wink:

:cheering: :hug: :waving: Hi Nikki! Welcome! :waving: :hug: :cheering:

Thanks for the welcomes
Tomorrow is Birthday and so its officially starts.
Any ideas will be great fully received

  1. sweetheart done
  2. loving hearts done

At one of my local charity shops i got
1 size 4mm (usa6) 60cm long never been used circular needles for 25p about 40cents :cheering:
Got the rest for total of £7 about $12
i also got 1 size 5usa circulars 60cms long
1 size 3usa circulars 100cms long
long needles
usa 4 , usa 5x2, usa 7 x3, usa 10, usa 6, usa 3 wooden, usa 2, usa 1, uk 3mm no usa equivalent

double pointed needles
8 xusa 4.5, 4 xusa 5 , 4 x usa 6, 4x usa2 short, 4x usa2 long, 4x usa 3 short ,6x usa 4 about 9 inchs long ,
think thats all lol
Shandeh let me know if any are of use too you.

Isn’t it fun to find good deals like that? :woohoo:

I just love it when I find knitting stuff at thrift shops and auctions. :heart:

I’ll check my charity knitting stuff, and let you know if I need anything, my friend. But, I want you to enjoy your purchases for yourself! :hug:

The only thing we could use would be the US size 5 or 6 circular needles. They would work well for the preemie baby blankets.

Will put them aside to add to the blanket i am sending when i have finished knitting it

This make’s up for the lucky finds, i had a car accident.
I was parked and knitting away while my kids were at their evening activities and another parent reversed into my car.My back is very stiff right now and wont know if any damage to my car till the morning and good light. Have my fingers crossed that my back wont completely stiffen up as i already have back problems:sad:

Upside is i managed before getting hit to knit 2 prem baby hats for a baby unit that cared for my niece when she was born at 28 weeks, she is now 8 yrs old and growing fine.
All well should still be able to knit tomorrow Crossed Fingers

running total 4 complete out of 40:)
many things on needles:knitting:

Bless your heart! :pout:
I’m sorry your back has been hurt again. :waah:

Good news is car seems to be ok
Bad news is i am having pins and needles in both hands and pain in my upper back and base of skull:sad:
Other good news is i can still knit just a bit slower then normal.
Started another hat 1/3 through and 2 prem blankets

I am going to go to the local A&E tomorrow the pins and needles have got worse and back pain:sad:
Can only knit for about 10 mins then have to rest, struggling to hold the needles its not fair :cry:

Do you have an injury to your back or neck? I hope you feel better soon!

yes happy LATE birthday! :rofling:

Well, my friend…I think you should set everything aside for a couple days, and REST. Make your back a priority. :pout:

Really trying hard not to cry but I am back from the hospital and its whiplash:cry:

Its in my back and my neck and i start physiotherapy on Monday
Did manage to knit 1 prem baby hat while waiting to see the doctors

just have to take thing more slow for a while
still i got a yr to finish 40 things i think i will make it Crossed Fingers
Thanks for the late B wishies:hug: :slight_smile:

2 blankets and 4 prem hats ::cheering: