Nightsongs in hempathy

Editing: realized I hadn’t posted here in a while. I’ve completed a few things since last post.

sweater for my sweet husband

some market bags

and I’ve got about five other projects on the needles. (I have nothing better to do with my time)

Oh my gosh, the shawl is beautiful! I love that pattern and have been wanting to knit it. You’ve inspired me to get started.

Beautiful work!

[COLOR=Silver]:psst: The shawl pic is a little too large so next time resize to 800 pixels on widest side. :wink: [/COLOR]

thank goodness for photobucket, Jan. Size adjustment was a snap! should fit the requirements now. Thanks for allowing me to correct my mistake.

No problem, we’ve all done it. :thumbsup:

Such beautiful work on the shawl! The sweater also looks very good and the market bads are great.

The shawl is stunning and the sweater and market bag are great, too!

Great work … looks like you’ve been busy! The shawl pattern you used is gorgeous, and I love the bright color you chose for it as well!

I love the shawl. :heart: The red is really stunning. A nice sweater for DH, they love the simple styles and… gray. You have a lot of things going. I’d never get anything finished if I tried to knit so many things at once.

They all look terrific Moni!

The shawl is lovely!

I can’t quite tell if hubby’s sweater has a texture in it. :??
Got a close up. :slight_smile:

What yarn did use use on your bag? I’m [B]really[/B] lovin’ that!

OMG - prepare to be stunned! the yarn in the bags is WalMart $6 a CONE plain ol’ peaches & cream undyed. BASIC & BORING!

I started hubby’s sweater with TONS of texture - cables & seed stitch, etc, very Aran style, but I got so bogged down in all the cabling that it was frustrating! Frogged the whole thing and started over - no texture whatsoever - just stockinette & rib at the collar/cuffs/waist. whipped it out in a week. :smiley:

Whenever knitting is no longer fun - you’re doing it wrong… lesson learned!

Love them all!! (also your little piece of philosophy above re: your dh’s sweater ; ) )