Nicoley's Intro

Hello Hello… im Nicoley im 24 (25 in may WOoOoOo)… and i was a member of the site last year and i was learning all nice and good but than summer came and it felt to warm to knit and than i drifted away from the site… and than i totally forgot how to knit… i do that sometimes… my hard drive pokeing head is not so good sometimes lmao lol

my friend just had a baby last week and have been thinking about learning again… so im back!.. im sure i will be able to relearn fairly easily… i hope…

anyways… this is my “introduce yourself” post… i hope you get to know you all… i like to chat… until than… stay shiny byebyebyebyebey

Hey Nicoley. <3
I’m Savannah, 14, and I’ve only been knitting for a few months.

Welcome back.

:waving: Welcome back to the forum!!!

welcome back…I’m sure you’ll pick it back up in no time…:slight_smile:

:waving: Welcome back!!

:waving: Welcome back, and hello :waving: to Savannah :smiley:

Hi Savannah nice to meet you… thanks for the welcome back :cheering:

thank you for the welcome back every one … HUGS =o)

Love your atavar. Looks like one of my cats (except she’d never wear that hat.) Welcome!

lol Kitty hates the hat… if you look in her face you can see how much she hates me for it… lol she wishes bad things on me for that lol

:waving: Welcome!

:happydance: Hey! Glad to have you back.

Hi Nicoley! Welcome back!

Welcome back from another Nicole! :smiley: