Nicolethegeek...I know you had started the crossover top

from this booklet but ended up frogging it…

Were you using Katrina yarn and not liking it or using a different yarn it just wasn’t turning out how you were hoping it would?

I saw the booklet at Hobby Lobby and just had to pick it up, I love that sweater on the cover.

I started it a frogged it. I was not using Katrina, but overall it wasn’t turning out how I had hoped and was too big :frowning: I still love it though!!

:doh: I knew it was a Canadian knitter, I just didn’t remember which one! So sorry!

Which yarn were you using?

I was using Patons Decor. The yarn was fine, my gauge was good, but I chose a size too big AND I did something really retarded. :doh: I didn’t really want all the ribbing at the bottom (okay, truth is I didn’t want to DO all the ribbing!!) so I just kept on going in stockinette, I was afterall trying to duplicate one of my very favorite shirts that I have, but I would not recommend doing what I did because the row where the front left and right sides are joined, there was an obvious line there when all was said and done because I didn’t start the ribbing there like I was supposed to. It was very conspicuous and ugly and I KNEW I wouldn’t wear it like that so I frogged it. If I actually decided to knit it again, I would use the recommended yarn and I would make a size smaller and follow the directions!! :smiley: