Nicky Epstein's Knitted Flowers

I just got notice from that mine SHIPPED TODAY !!! I have been waiting since OCTOBER when I was looking for a book to knit flowers for my felted hat Christmas gifts!!!

ooooo i didn’t know it was out! fabulous!

i took a look at that book… in the local Michaels… loved it… & he has another called over the edge that looked great too!

but if you’re too impatient… these look adorable

so do these (cute blog too)

hope you enjoy the book!

OMGoodness, I thought the publish date was April 28!! I will have to get it when I get a michaels coupon :smiley:

Rebecca, thats why I was so surprised it shipped today, I thought it was April 28th too !!

Rex, Are you sure it was the flower book at Michael’s …or was it her embellishment book … cuz … I think it was JUST released ! If it is already in Michaels… I should have gotten it a long time ago !!!

I was thinking that, too. I bet it’s the embellishment book, although, the book may have been stocked all over early :smiley: Either way, I know I must get it :smiley: