Nicky Epstein Rose Trellis Purse

Has anyone completed the purse? I have had the pattern for several years but the decreases were dubious and the trellises didn’t line up. Then it was re-written to be knitted in the round which seemed like it should have been done the first time. Got that pattern and still have problems with decreasing. I have torn it out so many times, my yarn is starting to actually “felt” on it’s own because of all the friction. I had a thought that if it was knitted in the round, but starting at the bottom (instead of the top) using a provisional cast on so you could pick up those stitches and knit the bottom piece last. So if you knitted from bottom to top, you would make increases gradually until you had enough stitches to institute extra trellises instead of trying to decrease the amount of trellises. Anyone have ideas on what the pitfalls might be (especially if you have knitted this purse before). This project has been my heart’s desire for so long but I just can’t master it and make it look right. There has been a lot of conversation on Ravelry about the same decreasing problems.

I think this is a link to the pattern.

which is indeed lovely. It should work like any pattern, as you say, when you have enough sts, you would start another trellis. There are often patterns like this that use different pattern sts rather than different colors and that’s the way they work. The important thing is to watch the trellis pattern and make sure you keep it aligned. (The same holds if you knit from the top down: trellises disappear but you keep an eye on the pattern as established.) Why not try it out on some scrap yarn, saving your good yarn until you’re confident about the pattern? For myself, I would graph out the pattern at the increases to see how to work them in.

Thanks for the response. Yes graphing it might be best before I try to start it again. I always get to the same spot and run into problems. But I think from reading your response, you agree that increasing would be a lot better than decreasing. Charting would be a good idea. I didn’t think of that so I will try that first. I have the pattern memorized now because I’ve knitted and frogged it so many times. If you look on Ravelry, you will see that there are a lot of grumbling about the same problem I’m having. Even the people doing the newer version in the round say that the trellises don’t line up “but that’s okay” to quote them. Well, that’s NOT okay with me. If I can’t do it right, then I’d rather not do it at all. Thanks again.

It is a BEAUTIFUL BAG! I love Nicky Epstein stuff! Good luck and best wishes wit it! It will be worth your efforts! I think salmonac gave the best advice possible, so I have nothing to add beyond what she said! Graphing it is brilliant!

The diamond openings in the trellises aren’t going to look like the pattern on the front and back because of the extra sts but the lines of the trellis should still meet and cross at the sides. It certainly is a gorgeous bag.