Nicky Epstein Knitted Flowers

Does anyone have this book? I have it and i love the pattern for the flower scarf- the one where you make all the really pretty delicate flowers and then sew it together.It’s done all in copper and stuff. I find the third line sort of confusing- does anyone know what im talking about?

:happydance: I have the book…it is a great one… I made the little purse in there…

is it the one on Page 20?

I really like the book too. I’m at work so i don’t have it on me. It’s the one with the lady wearing it and she just has it on as a scarf but it looks more like a neck decoration. You make all the flowers and stitch them together. Part of the pattern is to knit the stitch then slip it back onto the left hand needle and then pass eight stitches over it then knit that stitch again, and i think it’s the line after that one that confuses me. It says something like (continue for row) but doens’t specify what and i just totally don’t get it. I hope this helps you find the pattern and maybe you could help me with it. Thanks!

:thumbsup: found it!!

okey dokey the part you will repeat is the part from *K1 all the way to the K2; after you K2 then you will do the K1 and do it all over again…:happydance:

I’ll have to look at it when i get home thanks!!! DId you find it confusing as well?