Nicky Epstein Edwardian Lace Coat

Has anybody attempted this pattern yet? I need help interpreting the pattern!

Marne…I have not seen this pattern, but when I googled it I found this errata. Don’t know if you’d seen it or not, but here it is:
[B]Edwardian Lace Coat, pattern begins on page 86[/B]

Updated: 01Mar2010

Page 88
Right Back
Pattern 4, end of paragraph
Correction is [U]underlined[/U]
[U]Repeat 8 rows of Pattern 4 for 4 more times, work Row 1 once more. Knit 1 row on RS, inc 3 (1) sts evenly spaced along last row[/U] - 54 (72) sts. Leave sts aside on spare needle.

I have the errata, sweetie…having trouble with a decrease at the neck…so many thanks for taking your time