Nickle Plated Options Interchangables

Knit Picks is having a sale on their Nickle Plated Options Interchangables…Just what I was waiting for!! :cheering:

So Im going to be placing an order with them today…

My question for all of you options users…

Do I really [I][B]need[/B][/I] that $20 specialized bag they offer to hold the needles and cables??? Or can i just put them in something I come up with?

Also, Is there something else I should buy to complement the set?

One more thing, do all there options needles ie: the harmonies and acrylics interchange with the same cables in case i want to try one of the others in the future?

Thank you!!

I bought the Options interchangeable set about a month ago, and I totally love it!

The set comes with the needle tips, 4 cables, a zippered pouch for keeping everything in, and a few other little things (end caps for cables, etc). I find that the zippered pouch that comes with the interchangeable set is just fine for keeping all of my small knitting supplies together … I just slip the pouch in my knitting bag with my project, yarn, etc. I’d say there’s no need to buy an additional bag to store these things in, but that’s just my opinion.

As far as whether the cables are compatible with the Harmony needles or others, I’m not sure as the Options are the only needles I’ve purchased from Knit Picks … but I’m sure someone will be able to give you some insight on that, I know there are lots of people on the forum who own both Options and Harmonies!

Anyways, congrats on finding the Options on sale … I know you’ll enjoy them!

All the needle tips are completely interchangeable.

It comes with a bag already??? The description says just the needles and cables…well im not buying one then.

THANK YOU!!:muah:
im off to KnitPicks…

UPDATE: I bought the Nickle Plated Options set, nothing else. Total bill was $67. I think that was a good deal. RUN and get you some too!! Make sure you click the link on the top of the page here in the forum. KH gets bonus points for every click!

I bought the plastic stand to hold my needle tips. It is really handy since I can store things like a pen or a crochet hook in the empty slots.

Yes, when you buy the actual set (not the individual needle tips) the bag and everything is included. I definitely thought it was well worth the price … I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

I didn’t like the plastic case and the notebook thing is way too bulky and the plastic sleeves eventually break. SO…I just bought this case for mine! I know a few people who use them and love them!

I bought the one on the upper left with the light background and flowers, but I guess it’s sold out now.

Very cute! A lot more stylish than the plastic one … but do you find that it has enough space for all your notions? Or do you keep them separate?

I don’t have it yet, but based on my friends case it’s mostly just for needles.

What do you mean by notions…markers, scissors, etc? I wouldn’t keep that with them anyway. I have a makeup bag that I keep in my knitting bag with all that stuff.

When I get it I’ll make a post about and do pictures…how’s that? :wink:

Yes, that’s exactly what I meant. I figured most people probably keep these things separately … mine, however, are currently all jumbled in the one plastic pouch in my knitting bag. Maybe eventually I’ll get it more organized! :teehee:

Doesn’t that drive you nuts?!:zombie:

mine, however, are currently all jumbled in the one plastic pouch in my knitting bag. Maybe eventually I’ll get it more organized!

I used to be that way when i first started knitting…now im spread out all over the house…most in my craft room, but some next to my chair in the living room.

Now im getting my second interchangable needle set along with all the singles i have…then theres the DPN’s and straights…THATS what im gonna have to work on getting organized.:??

How do you guys organize your needles? (maybe that question should have a thread of its own?)

See my post for the interchangeable case I ordered. Right now I have them in the sleeves with binder rings holding them together. The sleeve slides break after a while and it’s driving me nuts!

Yo, do you think one of these sets would be good for a knitting-addicted total n0ob? I keep shelling out for different size knitting needles and my desire to eventually knit stuff other than dishcloths and scarves is high.

I just checked their site and it says the set is $59.99, just what its always been. Am I missing the sale here?

28% less than retail…whatever that means. I’m happy it’s free shipping though. I can ship to my boyfriend’s place in CO and he will bring them up to me when he comes to visit. End of summer I’m moving there too. :smiley:

ETA: I purchased a set. What clinched it was they can be used as straights (right?) no sales tax, free shipping and probably every size needle I’ll ever need. Plus, the rave reviews…

Yes, they can be used for knitting flat. I never use straight needles anymore except for the occasional DPN. I have bought extra cables and more pairs of needles of the most used sizes. I also bought three 16" needles for hats.

When you get your needles check the needles and cables by screwing them on. Occasionally you’ll get one that needs to be replaced and they are very good about that even months later if something happens. I use one of those shelf liner grippy things to tighten the needles (in addition to the tightening key) and I think I only had a needle unscrew maybe once.

I will try. I’m not actually getting them until late April when my boyfriend comes up for a visit (I’m having them shipped to his US address to save on shipping.) Thanks!!!