Nickel allergy to KPOs?

I’ve searched on this forum, and don’t see an answer to this. Has anyone who has a nickel allergy used the Knitpicks options needles (nickel-plated), and had a reaction?

I’m thinkin’ of splurging, as I’m a tight knitter and the slicker needles sound like a good solution, but I tend to be a highly allergic individual - this sounds like it’d be a nightmare w/a potential yucky itchy rash :? on the ol’ digits…


I tend to be allergic to any metals that aren’t Silver. (even some gold jewlery can cause me to break out in a rash depending on what else it was blended with) But I have KPO and they are wonderful.

Mind you I could wear nickle based rings for a day or 2 before it became truly unbearable.

maybe you could order a set of the points and cords (or one of the sets of classic circs or DPNs) to try them out to see. That way you aren’t laying out much money and you can test them for your ownself since your ownself is gonna be different than anybody else’s ownself!

(yeah i felt like saying ownself a lot right then. :teehee:)

I did run into this problem with options, strangely enough my addis have never bothered me, but after making 1 top with my options, my hands were red and itchy on the palms and fingers :frowning:

The only good thing about this was that I’d only purchased 1 set to test it.

I loved how pointy they are though, and can’t wait for the new lace addis to get to my lys because they are brass with a clear varnish on them instead of nickel plating, so I’m really excited for sharp tips and no nickel![/i]