Nickel allergies & Addi clicks

Okay, I’ve heard good things about the Addi clicks. But they are nickel coated brass. I breakout from costume jewelry. Anything with nickel has been a no-no for me. So I have shied away from even exploring these needles.

Has any with allergies had good or bad experiences?


My experiences:
I knit all the time with the regular Addis, but I want to say (I’ve tossed out the labels, so I can’t check) that at least some of my pairs don’t have the nickel plating.
I think a couple them do, and I haven’t had any trouble with any of them. Do you have anyone who has any that you could try for a couple of hours? I know it sucks to risk the rash, but it’s something to consider. For one thing, when you’re actually knitting, particularly in the round, most of the time you’re actually gripping yarn and not the metal.
You could also try the clear fingernail polish trick. I wouldn’t put it up at the tips, but on the shaft of the needle, where your hands go, as long as you just applied a very thin smooth layer it might work.

According to the Addi website they are nickel plated brass. If you’re allergic I’d use something else. They are too expensive to find out you can’t use them. I’d suggest if you must try them do so in a yarn store or borrow a friends needles. Otherwise use something like KP Zephyr or Harmony needles. :shrug:

I have a nickel sensitivity…and I don’t have a problem with cutlery and knitting needles. Just things that I wear right next to my skin.

That being said, everyone is different. I might steer clear if I knew I was going to break out from just touch.

I personally just have to steer clear of necklaces, earrings, some jean buttons, watch backs…rings…etc…

If you know you are allergic to nickle I agree, it’s not worth buying them only to find out they aren’t going to work for you. If you want to go ahead and buy them I’ll send you my address in case they cause a rash! :slight_smile:

Yeah, I should probably pass on these. But they are so tempting. Better to stick with needles I know won’t cause me a problem.

I’m allergic to nickel and have no problems. I would suggest going for a smaller size that doesn’t come in the set anyway and try it out. (I used Addi first for sock needles and did fine so I bought the set.) As long as it’s not resting on my fingers it’s fine. The pads of my fingers and palms of my hands are the only part that come in contact with it and it’s the strongest part of my skin so it doesn’t hurt.

I also have a pretty bad nickel allergy (I get itchy) and I have the knitpicks nickel plated interchangeable needles and I’ve been ok (I’ve had them since October). Funny story…my boyfriends last name is Nickell. hahaha