Nice Scarf pattern from Martha Stewart site

Basic Scarf Pattern
Finished size of scarf: 8 by 60 inches

Aran-weight yarn, approximately 600 yards, or three 100-gram balls; size-9 knitting needles; safety pin; notebook; tape measure.

OOPS! Sorry, I have to post a link instead of the whole knitting recipe:

Martha Stewart has some NICE patterns. I hope you all look at her website.

thanks for sharing!! I checked her site too and saw that sweater basket! How adorable, but I’m thinking thrift store wool sweater, felted?

Hope that link works…

Hey Thanks! that is a cool scarf. Never thought of Martha knitting though. Not sure why she does everything else. :slight_smile:

I’ve always liked her stuff. She uses everyday materials, and makes very nice things.
Good businesswoman, too, even though she got caught doing something that probably everyone else does. She got caught.

That scarf is an easy pattern. I’m knitting it up right now, using Debbie Mumm’s traditions yellow yarn. The yarn is super soft, and tends to bunch up if you knit too fast, but, the color gradient is just lovely.
Worth hassling with the yarn bunches.