Nice Raw Wool!

I have 23 lbs. of white wool that I am looking to sell.

It’s Corridale Sheep wool, it’s 4 1/2 inches long average. It’s raw but has very minimal VM. I am asking $12 per pound.

Please message me if you are interested.

I’m not sure how to include photos so I can send them to you upon request :wink:


NG: You might want to remove your email from your message since it’s a great way for spammers to take advantage of you. People logged in to KH can PM you if they’re interested.

I hope you get a taker. I would buy it myself, but I have yet to learn how to go from sheep coat to yarn! :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for the suggestion :slight_smile: I knew I was taking the risk with spammers (which I get enough of already), but I don’t come on here very often and I was afraid I would miss a taker :stuck_out_tongue: I will just have to hope for the best! Thank you!

Have you ever spun before? There are lots of know how videos online that are a tremendous help!

I also have 4 lbs. of cleaned brown Alpaca wool. I think it’s been carded too. Very soft and very nice!!!

I’m asking $2 per oz.

Along with that, I have 2 lbs. of cleaned, and dyed Corridale Sheep wool. It is dyed a blend of pastel blues and greens.

I am asking $2 per oz. for that as well.

Please message me for details or if you are interested! Thanks!

Thanks! :hug:

If you find Thread Tools near the top of the page you can subscribe to the thread. I don’t know if that automatically emails you or not. In User Settings, top and left of page, you can automatically subscribe to any thread you start or post to. That way you can know when someone posts a reply. You can also get emails for PMs. HTH

I would be interested in your wool, it sounds lovely, but I’m not a spinner and think now wouldn’t be a good time to start. Good luck! I’m sure someone will be glad to have it.

I did find a way to receive email notifications! Thanks to both of you! :slight_smile:

Here are the links to the wool on my web site! Thank you for viewing!!

Let me know if you have any questions!