NFL team patterns

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Does anyone know if there is a collective place/book to get/buy knit/crochet patterns for NFL teams? I have been looking everywhere for a Chicago Bears afghan pattern, and the only one on Ravelry doesn’t connect to instructions/chart. I messaged the user that made it but haven’t received a reply yet. I know there is a way to copy the logo or whatever I want to graph paper, but unfortunately I’m not experienced enough to know how to translate that into a pattern for an afghan. I don’t know number of stitches, size, nothing. I just don’t get it, even though I’ve seen it explained a few times.
Thanks for taking the time.

Nevermind - I finally found official information about licensing of NFL logos, and that’s why it’s so hard to find patterns. I guess I’ll have to figure out how to do it on a chart, or just do team color stripes, which is quite boring. Thanks anyway.

Here’s a site that may make it easier to chart the pattern. Just look for a good clear picture of the logo you want. There was someone a while back who did a Philadelphia Flyers blanket and posted pictures on this site on What’cha Knittin’. Perhaps you could also pm them for advice.

I saw something cute that would go great with the afghan. Knitting Today magazine has a darling pattern for knit boy and girl cheerleading teddy bears. They come complete with sweaters with a team logo and cheerleading pants and a skirt with the pleats. I tried to find a good picture of it on their site, but can’t. If you look at the magazine cover in this photo, you can kind of see these bears in the top right corner.

I have the magazine, but I can’t share the pattern, obviously because of the copyright issue. I know it’s on sale at the newsstands right now.

Oh, wait! Found it!

Donelle, now you’ve got me thinking. I have a new grandbaby due to be born the end of September. Our little Emma already has a Green Bay Packer shirt waiting for her. Don’t laugh. Packer fever is high. If you have your name on the waiting list for season tickets, your chance to get one may not come up for 20 or 30 years. Fans just don’t give their season tickets up. The only time they come up is if the elderly holders die. Parents put their kids names on that list when they’re newborns. Seriously.

Anyway, I’m wondering why I’m wasting time making white and pastel baby blankets when I could be making Emma a green and gold one with the big G logo. Hmm. That would be a unique baby gift idea.

Those are very cute.

Get that kid on a waiting list!

You mean the kick the bucket list? Emma’s great great grandchildren might make it to Lambeau Field some day. lol

Regular tickets are just as bad. Every home game is always sold out, even in losing years. Some fans fly to away games where they do have seats. Sports bars cash in on game days.

Hi Breezed:

I pit part of this on another thread where you mentioned wanting a NFL team logo in passing.

But here it belongs.

If you want to buy a pattern, search eBay for “machine knitting NFL.” If one is available it should bring up an intarsia pattern book(s) with licensed NFL team logos. There’s one each for the NFC & AFC. But you want Nomis vol. 242.

I had to dig to see which conference I still have (memory isn’t what it used to be), but I have the NFC book. PM me and maybe I can help you out even though you’re not a Saints fan. LOLOL

I was looking for this online and your suggestion for the machine knitting NFL looks like a great idea. Just wondering, what all is included in the pattern?? Is it hard to do machine knitting by hand? Or is it just a pattern that you’d follow like normal?? Thanks!!

I have searched ebay so many ways. I tried your suggestions too, and still nothing.

Actually I am a Saints fan, being that I am from south La. My bf is from Chicago, so he is the Bears fan. lol

I was going to try and make a chart myself and swatch it, to see if it’ll work. I just don’t have time right now. I’ll get to it eventually if I don’t get a real pattern. :slight_smile:

Thanks so much for the help too!


It’s a basic machine knit sweater pattern with licensed intarsia charts for several NFL teams in one booklet.

I started out as a machine knitter (long story there, I won’t bore you with it). Its a very different animal than hand knitting, so the sweater pattern can’t be read and hand knit, just the intarsia charts.

Given that the NFL is rightly so ticky about licensing, just having the intarsia charts is helpful for those of us who 1) want to do right by our teams, and 2) don’t want to mess with making a chart that may or may not work up correctly.

Happy knitting!

I know nothing about this site of the patterns:

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Neat site, but I’m amazed the NCAA and NFL haven’t legally jumped on it with both feet yet… In my experience, crochet charts tend not to translate well into knitting charts…