NFL Team colors in yarn

Hi All–

My sister and her family are NFL fans-- three love the vikings, the other the packers. I’d like to knit them team hats. I need to use a washable yarn, like plymouth encore, but I need help figuring out the colors that would be closest to the actual team colors.

Any ideas?

Thanks much!


Encore does have lots of colors. Caron Simply Soft has some great colors that might work.

With these you might have to mix and match, but the yarn is the same really and there are colors that look like they might work.
Caron Simply Soft
Caron Simply Soft Brites

Can you get to a LYS or Joanns type store? You might have a better feel for the colors if you can see them in person.

The 054 green and the 1014 yellow on the Encore link Jan provided look to be the closest to Packer colors.

Encore does have nice colors. We are Denver Bronco fans in our family and I found the exact colors in Encore…

What colors did you use exactly for the Broncos. My niece’s son was the mini Milo last Thursday and I would like to knit him a Broncos hat for Christmas…

I found this website that has the Team Colors for football teams using Cascade 220 yarn:

Hope this helps!!!

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