NFL pattern?

I saw the cutest thing! Little baby booties with NFL logos on them. But, the logo wasn’t knit, just the booties were. Does anyone know how they got the logos, what they are made of, or how to apply to your knitting?? Is it an iron on? I thought it would be neat to make as gifts.
Thanks!! :muah:

I have been looking for these in MLB logos too. I can seem to only find large appliques or patches that would not fit on a baby bootie. There has to be a site somewhere out there that has small ones…will keep looking. I even searched Joann’s site, but might have to go in person to actually see if they have something. Looked at Michael’s too.

Oh…wow. We can let each other know then! lol. Are they just regular iron ons? How do you apply them, do you know?

A lot of times they are iron on…but I would definitely hand sew and not iron them on. The poor bootie would get smashed with the hot iron let alone melt or possibly burn the yarn depending on what yarn was used. There has to be a 1-2 inch diameter logo out there somewhere. I have looked on eBay as well but they are 4 x 4 inch patches or larger…at least when I looked. Will let you know if I find anything.

for sewing on patches I use the “invisible” thread- that way you don’t have to try to match the colors, and the thread is very durable! it is some sort of clear plastic or polymer, often in the quilting thread area.


Great idea on the “invisible” thread.

AprilBxoxo - What specific team are you looking for? I have run across a few smaller ones for certain teams.

Thanks guys! I was looking for some PA teams, but, my friends like all different ones lol. I was thinking of doing it for hats also for the “older kids” lol.

I found some 3 inch steelers if you are interested. Check it out Tobinknit :slight_smile:

Thanks. I saw those. I need 1-1/2" - 2" at the largest for some booties for a co-worker. Her husband is a Detroit Tigers fan and she is a Seattle Mariners fan so I was going to make two pair of different booties for them in the colors of the teams. Everyone has tried to convert him since we live in the Seattle area…but his heart is with Detroit. The baby is due within the next couple of weeks so I have a little time. I found some Detroit "D"s on eBay but I am not sure of the quality since they are not embroidered. I have already made her some booties, socks and bib so I am not committed. The larger patches would be great on a hat!